Fuzzwalker EP launch at the Boileroom, Guildford.

Welcome back.

I know we are all shocked, I am doing another music piece. This time we are talking about the EP launch of Fuzzwalker’s new set of tunes. This EP is titled “What’s All The Fuzz About?

Let me just start by saying I got asked for my ID entering and honestly I was flattered. So you sweet pink haired angel on the door, you made my night.

As many of you know, because you seem to read the shit I put out, if I am going to see a band live that I’ve never heard of before, I don’t listen to them prior. I like to keep it as a tasty little surprise. So the views you’re going to read below are honest and genuine.

So let’s start with me fan girling just a little. Fuzzwalker’s drummer, Donna, is fucking insane. Honestly, I find it such a fucking pleasure when I find another lady drummer. We get weird little lady boners for each other and it’s all very exciting. I bet you’re wondering why I had such a lady boner… because she’s fucking talented. Honestly, what a fucking dream to listen to such a talented fucking drummer. We stan a female drummer, we stan a talented female drummer and we fucking stan Donna who is not just talented she’s fucking sick. Honestly, check out Fuzzwalker just to see her play.

So I should likely talk about the rest of the band and the music and not just write a whole article on their drummer.

I was instantly sucked in by their music, giving me heavier Arctic Monkey vibes. It also felt like it should be on a Skins soundtrack, but good Skins; not when it got all weird and shit. It was clear that the large crowd in the room had invested in this band and I can completely understand why. Within moments my head was bobbing, my foot tapping and my resting bitch face almost cracked a smile. What was nice to see was the people in the venue ranged from young to old, showing me that Fuzzwalker is a band that can be enjoying by all ages.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t listen to bands before I review them if I haven’t heard them before. However, this time, I wish I had broken my rule. If I was aware of how good Fuzzwalker was, I would have listened to them constantly prior to the launch and they would have certainly been in my bands to watch 2019 list. I can also confirm about three songs in I was downloading their album on Spotify. I didn’t need to hear anymore. I was sold, I was convinced and I was officially a fuzzy (what I have now named Fuzzwalker fans because who doesn’t want to be a fuzzy)

Whilst being witty and incredibly engaging with the crowd, Fuzzwalker brought a hyped and effervescent energy to the stage – filling the small venue as if it was a 30,000 seater arena. You can tell the members enjoy playing together. Their élan, fervour and zeal evident from the moment they took to the stage. It is always a pleasure to see bands actually enjoy being on stage with each other, it adds something to the stage presence of the band.

Not only a pleasure to watch, the musicians are clearly very talented. I would go on another appreciation ramble for the drummer, but I feel like I also need to cover the rest of the band. I will however say, in my notes I have underlined 8 times and boxed “She is fucking  T A L E N T E D”

From snapping a string on stage, to a guitar not being plugged in – the three dudes up front added flair and a talent I rarely see from bands these days. It was a pleasure to watch and it’s something I relish being able to write about. Clearly well practised and rehearsed, Fuzzwalker sounded tight and on beat.

Their debut song from their EP is called Continental Breakfast and honestly what a banger that is.  There is nothing not to like about this and I honestly, it was the stand out song of the evening for me.

Now, Ed honey, I’m going to come for you a little here so be warned. Let’s Just talk about Have You Ever Lived in a Tree for a quick second. Ed honey, you responded with you lived on a branch and not in the tree itself. I just wanted to argue the fact that living on a branch was in fact living in the tree, would you like to hear my thought process behind this? Well, even though you weren’t living within the tree it’s self, you were living within the branches of the tree therefore you were living in the tree. THE BRANCH IS PART OF THE TREE ED. If you would like to discuss this further Ed, use the contact page – let’s debate! (Joking Ed, maybe)

So would I recommend Fuzzwalker and their new album? You’re damn fucking skippy I would. Have I listened to it every day since the EP launch… correct I have! Lucky for you it’s on Spotify and you can check it out.

You can check them out on Facebook here, Youtube here, Insta here and their very jazzy website here.

Download their new album on Spotify here. Do it. Do it now. It’s really fucking good.

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