“We are murdered so often, I started believing Black bodies made better fertiliser” – Darnell Lamont Walker 

Welcome back,

Today I want to talk about a very important topic. This week the world watched as George Floyd was pinned to the ground and senselessly murdered. George Floyd was murdered by someone who had sworn to protect and serve. Derek Chauvin put his knee on George Floyd’s neck until he was no longer able to breathe. Derek Chauvin ignored George Floyd pleading the fact he was unable to breathe, that he was being crushed. This force was used on George Floyd because it was “suspected” he had used a counterfeit $20 (£16) note.

Derek Chauvin prior to this event, had 17 complaints lodged against him for the excessive use of force, yet was still allowed to continue with his regular duty as if nothing had happened.  He has currently been charged with third degree murder.

For those who are responding back to the Black Lives Matter movement with All Lives Matter, I’m going to use the best analogy I have heard to try and explain why that should stop.

Saying “All Lives Matter” as a response to “Black Lives Matter” is like saying a fire department should spray down all houses in a neighbourhood even though only one is on fire, because all houses matter. Yes, your house does matter too but your house is not on fire.

I will use the privilege I was born with to be the best ally I can possibly be. For others who would like to know how they can be an ally, you can read a wonderfully written piece here.  Written by Courtney Ariel in hopes of lightening the load on marginalised people.

In response to the death of George Floyd, the world has protested. In the US, peaceful and inharmonious protests have taken place. Police in Minneapolis, where the murder of George Floyd took place, have been shown pulling face masks off people and macing them. They have been shown storming the streets of Minneapolis, shouting “light them up” and forcing people into their own homes when they are simply sat on the porch of their property.

In the Boston protests, Police are shown pushing over an old man struggling to walk with a cane. It’s been speculated that Police are leaving palettes of bricks on random corners of towns to give protesters something to throw. Tear gas is being used, lasers are being used, rubber bullets are being used, drones are being used, SWAT teams are being used to stop protests. The Boston police were caught on camera smashing up their own cruiser.

A video surfaced last night of a white woman driving off and being left alone and a black couple being dragged from their car, tasered until the driver had a fit and arrested. This is all due to them being a few minutes behind curfew, which had only just been announced. There is a strong narrative within mainstream media that the Police are being peaceful. Where in some cases this is true, do not believe everything you read within mainstream media.

The murder of George Floyd has started a world wide revolution. A revolution against racism and police brutality. I vow that I will use the platform and privilege I have to support the cause and change the narrative. I will continue to educate myself.

Another outcome of the George Floyd murder is the return of Anonymous. The online hacking group returned promising retribution for George Floyd. Anonymous hacked the Minneapolis website, they hacked the Chicago PD radio and played Fuck The Police – N.W.A on repeat. They released alleged proof that Princess Diana was murdered.

They released alleged proof that Donald Trump, the president of the US, is a sex trafficking, child rapist. They released ties to known peadophile Jeffrey Epstein.  This includes several court documents showing children as young as 10 being paid off after sexual activity from mr Trump. They have pledged that as long as the police retaliate, they will keep releasing the alleged classified information they have.

As of last night, for the first time in history – the White House’s lights were turned off and Trump was taken to the bunker. Traditionally the lights of White House stay on unless a president has died.

Here at Kiss of Beth’s we will continue to educate and do everything possible to be an ally. That is our promise. We will use our platform to educate and stand for equality. We will not use our privilege to stay quiet. We stand in solidarity with everyone fighting for the equal treatment of the black community. Racism has no home here with us at Kiss of Beth’s. We stand with you in your fight for justice.

If you would like to donate to the family of George Floyd, you can do so here.

You can donate to the Black Lives Matter movement here

You can donate to the Bail Project to help bail out protesters here

You can donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund here, this helps pay the bond for people arrested during the Minnesota protests.





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