Top 5 gift picks

What’s up home slices. With all my fav humans being spawned in a very short space of time, below I have complied my top 5 list of snazzy and awesome gifts for the people you love, on a decent budget.

  1. Personalised watch – Highland Angel –

This watch says it’s a men’s watch but I have certainly bought this for both men and women. For less than £30, you can have this personalised and sent to you within a week. I bought this for my mother as her Mother of the Bride gift at our wedding and to be quite honest; the quality was stunning and the engraving gives you the chance to make erm cry! Winner!

2. Soundwave poster – MuckaStudio –

This is the perfect personalised, make them cry and be their fav gift. The poster shows the sound wave, the lyrics and your message to the babe you get this for. If you choose the option without a frame, this comes to less than £10 with shipping, pick up a frame from Poundland and you’re GOOD TO GO. The owner of the shop Jake was an angel, he will send you proofs of your image to make sure you’re happy and the prints and ships. Heartfelt and sweet for a decent price, what more could you want. They also do a ton of different designs, this was just my personal fav.

3. Naughty bits poster set – RoseEndCreations

I love this set! Boobs, heart and some D! I have bought this for some more of my cheeky friends for their birthdays and for some moving in gifts. For the A4 print’s its £15 which is awesome, once again – cheeky trip to Poundland, three frames and you’re good to go with a funny, cheeky gift. Maybe not for the more sensible of your friends.

4.  Personalised hip flask – Dust and Things –

Again this says for “men”, however I love me a hipflask and I dont have a dick, so this is suitable for everyone. With postage this came to less than £20 and looked stunning when it turned up. This is also suitable for wedding gifts for your wedding party – pop along to your local off license and get a mini bottle of their fav spirit and you’re sorted!

5. Fuck you tie – bagsmugsandmore –

It’s a tie.

That has fuck you written in tiny letters like the famous suit of the guy who punches people. It’s £15. IT’S A TIE WITH FUCK YOU ON IT. I have nothing else, it sells it’s self!

Until next time…

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