Lets talk Corner 53 gin.

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Today we are going to be looking at Corner 53 Gin. Now I LIVE for Corner 53; as the guys who run Corner 53 are friends of mine and groomsmen at my wedding and their gin is INSANE, however, I will give my most honest opinions on the gin even though I know these guys.


Lets start with their website: https://www.cornerfiftythree.co.uk/

You can learn all about these boys here and purchase their products there.

So Corner 53, are a bunch of bearded boys who work out of a distillery in Clanfield. Born 2016, the boys built a lovely home for their hand built copper stills, beautifully named Angus and Rosie. Having visited the Corner 53 distillery, you can see how much love goes in to the distilling of this brand. Plus they have a beautiful doggo that run’s about in the garden outside the distillery, which makes it all the much betterful.


NOW LETS GET INTO THE GIN. Please note the main photos I’ve used under each of the gins is taken from their website, look they are pretty ass photos, I’m gunna use them. However the fairy light photos, all mine boo! Ok so lets do this, we are going to go into this.



£35 for 70cl

ingredients: shiitake mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary and sesame roast butternut squash.


Out of the the three Corner 53 gins, this isn’t the one my hand reaches for, don’t get me wrong it’s great gin, completely different from the usual gins on the market however not my go too. Umami brings a flavour that isn’t usually seen and works perfectly with a rich meal and as they have suggested on their website is totally banging with a good tomato juice. For those who likes a savoury taste, this will be the gin for you!

Rating – 6/10



£35 for 70cl

Ingredients: pink grapefruit, Cox’s Pippin apples, Conference pears,  aromatic wormwood and sweet liquorice.


Ok honey, lets go in on Pomelo. I love this gin. It works perfectly with a good tonic and is clean and refreshing. Served with a wedge of apple and it’s perfect, on a hot day, there is nothing like it. Again it’s not the first one I reach for but it’s something I would highly recommend to anyone. Plus the label on the Pomelo is just so beautiful. It’s got to be one of the freshest gins on the market that I have had the pleasure of drinking.

Rating – 7/10



£35 for 70cl

Ingredients: Maple, fresh orange peel, pear and apple and sarsaparilla.


Now, Cherokee is my go too, without a doubt, I ADORE THIS GIN. This is my go too, this is my had a hard day at work, need to celebrate, it’s a beautiful day let’s have a gin – go to number one. The blend of these ingredients just works and I cannot get enough of it. As stated on their website  this gin was inspired by master whisky distillers  and it’s evident with every glass. Corner 53 don’t get this just a little bit right, they smash this out the park. I will pick this gin over any Hendricks, Gordons, Towpath, Twisted Nose or Tanqueray any day of the week. I’m actually really sad I’ve run out and once this is back in stock on the website, I will order a couple of bottles to make sure I don’t get withdrawal symptoms. If you’re going to try anything from Corner 53; I would 100% suggest this gin.

Rating – 9/10

You might be wondering why after I raved about Cherokee I’ve only given it 9/10 – because I know this brand are gunna bust out the best gin I have ever tasted. The 10 is reserved for that.

I throughly look forward to what this brand has to come, for sure one to keep an eye on.


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