Enchanted Festival

Hi all, welcome back!

Last week, I spent my Friday at Enchanted Festival in Horsham as a surprise trip for Glenn’s birthday, I try and organise something new and different because making memories together and with friends is important. Well, this for sure was an new experience, as this was the festivals first year.

Please note all the photos here are my own, so that’s nice for you.


So I’m gunna start with the Kent Cider Company, as we spent most of our time in this tent after I made awkward eye contact with Scott the bartender during what I can only describe as a full blown wiggle. The over all vibe of the Kent Cider Company tent was just insane, a DJ, copper bar top, awesome bar tenders and bloody good cider. Not going to lie, the strawberry cider is the BEST DAMN THING I HAVE EVER TASTED. I love cider and it’s for sure one of my go to drinks in this weather. One of my friends who is not a cider drinker in the slightest, has fallen in love with this brand. We both did, so much we bought the companies hats.


Whilst the rain was pouring we spent our time in this tent, we got more into the brand. Before we left the festival – we bought flagons of the cider to crack on when we got home. Below you can find a lovely photo of my boy Henry and I doing just that.


You can find them on insta here @kentcidercompany

Twitter here @KentCiderCo

And their website is here; https://www.kentcider.co.uk/ – I for one am planning to purchase their toffee apple cider to give it a good crack.


So lets get more into the festival it’s self, so it’s all about the lights and visual effects. One part of the festival is the dragons eggs, they are beautiful to look at when the sun goes down as they all light up, during the day however its kinda meh, only a few are painted, but the ones that are painted are done beautifully. It would be lovely next year to see the rest of them painted, it would also be lovely to say – have a little info next to the eggs, which dragon laid them ect.. that would be awesome; give some creative fun information. Really sell those dragon eggs.


Now I just want to talk about a section called “Barbie Enchanted”; I am sure for the kids, that was awesome but pottering as an adult – not my think for sure and seemed a little lacklustre, if you’re gunna add that as a section – sell it to me, give it to me, let me live that Barbie fantasy.

And a one small negative, the circus tent – where was the lighting at?  The kids where making their cute little hats in the dark. Come on honey, serve us some light up in here.


Now lets talk about the shopping. HONNNEEYY, my inner glitter fairy unicorn queen was satisfied. I’m now the owner of a fancy unicorn horn, some totally fabulous sunglasses from at @gunsnposies and some wonderful photo’s of me being in love with my coffee. (You’ll see these at the bottom of this post, Blue Dawg made my utter dreams come true.)


Now the food, oh honey, the food. So we tried several bit from the food stalls around the festival and below are some of my favs.


So I never got to eat the pie myself because it was demolished by Glenn, however from his review – the chutney was amazing and the pie was insane. Plus Al the pie man, is a really nice dude! He was easy to chat too and had a bloody wonderful beard.

You can find him on insta and twitter here – @althepieman


Laughing Buddha (I think) noodles are amazing. Glenn doesn’t remember letting me try some of his chilli chicken noodles, because of the Kent Cider Company – so much cider in his face; but the noodles, the noodles are so good. I’m not usually a chilli fan – but I’ve mad an exception for these noodles.


Now, these guys, Garlic Wood Burgers. Honestly some of the best damn burgers I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, not only that but they were some of the nicest and funniest dudes I have ever had the pleasure of being presented a burger by. Turns out they are also Taylor Swift fans so that was sweet and Henry may wish to join them now purely for that reason.. Now thinking about it, I may have been able to trade Henry for burgers.


Enchanted is full of quirky bits and bobs, shows, circus folk, hula hoop ladies and such. There was an actual unicorn there (kinda) which was really cool however the “unicorn” was brought in pretty late into the day but still a really cute little thing to do.


It was also really lovely to run into the girls from the Glitterati who I met whilst photographing a wedding a few months ago. These girls do some crazy sick glitter and face paint, you can check them out on insta @glitterati.festivals


One of the cool things about Enchanted is the mystical and magical gardens that open up at 9pm – beautiful light shows depicting dragons and unicorns and a maze with a stunning dragon sculpture in the middle, it would be great if next year we could get a little closer to the dragon in the middle of the maze as it wasn’t easy to see the dragon with all the smoke and stuff.


All in all, I really enjoyed Enchanted and I can recommend going because it is certainly a hell of a lot of fun, suitable for both kids and adults, decently priced and keeps you amused all day long.

You can keep an eye on Enchanted on insta here @enchantedhorsham and on twitter at @EnchantedHorsh

You can check out their website here; http://enchantedhorsham.co.uk/

And as I promised earlier – below is my romantic photoshoot with my coffee; photographed by @bluedawg14


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