I Witness at the Links Tavern; a review.

Welcome back.

For the second time in a week I find myself sat in my pjs, waiting for my moz dippers and pizza garlic bread to turn up, writing another review on an event put on by the Links Tavern.

As always, our plan to turn up to one of the events at the Links was put together all of 6 hours before. After a screen shot sent into my girls group with a “Hey, who wants to go to this, I recognise some of these guys from school”, plans were in place for 8pm.

Like the fool I am and we all are, none of us actually checked the event to see what kind of music I Witness played; so we had no idea what we were walking into.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-25 at 291.53.43

Sitting with the people I love the most (minus a few) we prepared ourselves, ciders in hand for what came next, which I must admit was pleasantly surprising.

What happened next was a beautiful blend of covers, getting progressively better as the evening  went on. The more the set went on, the more we got into the music, singing along with the band and at each other.

Now I for one am not a talented singer, but I throughly enjoyed singing along with these guys. This was a well thought out set list, hitting the right blend of pop and rock classics; including classics such as Walk This Way, Black Betty, Mr Brightside, I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor and Teenage Dirtbag.

There is something quite relaxing about sitting with friends; with good music and good conversation, which certainly never happens with my friends. It’s usually sitting with friends, with good music and crass conversation and this evening was no exception.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-26 at 00.13.06

As the evening progressed, the space in front of I Witness filled with people dancing and singing along and generally having a good time.

I throughly recommend I Witness as a band, they can certainly get the party started. You can find them on Facebook by searching I Witness band and they should be the second option down (they aren’t the Christian Rock band which is the first option) or you can check out their website here:  http://iwitnessband.com/

I was also to lucky enough to catch up with Loz the drummer after and express my kit envy and catch up on the many years we hadn’t seen each other for.

Anyway, the moz dippers are here, so until next time my friends.

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