The Stanny Dares at The Railway Winchester.

Welcome back!

So Friday night, I went to pick my cousin Cam up, with not a clue with what’s we were going to do that evening. What’s nice is Cam and I actually lost contact for 20 years and then I stalked him on Facebook when I found a photo of us as kids and made him hang out with me, because y’know – family is family and it’s good to have a relationship with family.

ANYWAY, pick the fam up and he’s like “Yo, got some tickets for my housemate’s drummers band” and I’m not one to turn down a gig so I’m hella in for it. I have no idea who we are seeing or what kinda style of music I’m about to spend my evening listening to.  There were two support acts but a girl needed to eat because otherwise she’ll get hangry and cut a bitch. If you are ever in Winchester, check out Pi Pizza, that place was insane! Seriously best pizza I have ever had and best cola. Yup you read that correctly. It’s called Karma Cola and honestly imma order a batch for home because I actually prefer it to any other fizzy beverage I’ve ever had.


You can check the website out and book here  they also do bottomless prosecco lunches on a Saturday… so, you’re welcome!)

Anyway, why you really came along to this blog, let’s talk to about The Stanny Dares.


Left to right. George Dunn – Singer. Jordan Godfrey – Drums. Alex Miller – Bass.

Walking into the back room of the Railway, I had no idea what I was walking into but I was pleasantly surprised with the sound I was met with.

First of all, we stan a baker boy cap. I see you George. We were feeling that cap.

Having no idea what the sound of The Stanny Dares would be, I wasn’t worried they wouldn’t sound as I expected or be underwhelming.

Now, I’m unsure if it’s because I’m a drummer or because Jordan was genuinely captivating but I couldn’t take my eyes from centre stage for a good few songs, it’s also really nice to know I’m not the only one who makes highly amusing drum faces on stage. It was lovely to watch someone who honestly enjoys the musical instrument they play, passion really adds some electricity to a gig.

Watching the crowd whilst the band was playing was quite the experience. The Stanny Dares clearly have a strong following, who honestly love and enjoy their music and they can 100% add me to their following.

I’ve added their album “Don’t mind us” too my driving play list so it will now be in heavy rotation, which means if you’re driving past me you’re more than likely going to hear at least one of their songs being blasted while I commute to work.

Now let’s talk about the lead singers voice. I’m picky when it comes to music, as I am sure most of us are. I could honestly listen to the dudes voice over and over. I also have to drop in that his stage presence was quite something, however, I completely got the feeling he may of had a bad day at work, I might of got the feeling because he kept telling ups, but still – least I picked up on it. Plus the added audience interaction was an added bonus, I mean, if I wasn’t such a grumpy bitch I fully would have sung along as they requested.

But I honestly have too say, if you get the chance to see The Stanny Dares, I highly recommend it. Their style of music will certainly have you bopping and singing (unless you’re me) along.

You can check them out on Facebook here

Insta here

And best of all check them out on Spotify here

(Also have we all noticed how I have finally worked out how to link words! Go me!)

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