Oktoberfest 2018 – Guildford. A review.

Welcome back!

This afternoon I had the pleasure of spending my afternoon at Oktoberfest in Guildford, sober. That’s right, you heard it here, I did Oktoberfest sober. Was I happy about it? No, no I wasn’t. Being at a beer festival drinking pepsi and red bull wasn’t quite what Oktoberfest was made for.

I would throughly suggest catching public transport so you don’t have to worry about parking.

However being sober, I can review this without a drunken haze doing my writing for me. As for the people I went with, I’m pretty sure one’s going to be in the spare room asleep as you read this and the other two are eating chocolate oranges and watching American Dad.


Now going into the event, the security staff were bloody lovely. Honestly the happiest security team I may have ever seen, in my life. Out of all of the events I have ever been too, I honestly have never met a nicer security team, so which ever company you’re from – I salute you and give them all a raise because they are bloody lovely.


Now let’s talk about food! My fat ass was happy as hell, because she only went and got herself a footlong sausage baguette which I can tell you now, opened up so many jokes about dicks. The lovely people I was with tried everything from the freshly cooked burgers, the potato and bacon and the chips with pulled pork. The food offering was immense with enough choice for everyone, if your a veggie or a vegan – I have no idea what your options are because I was all about the meat today.


Now let’s talk about the bar, hella long spanning the length of the huge tent and it seemed a little lacking in bar staff at times but that’s not something I was bothered by because I don’t mind waiting a few extra minutes for a Red Bull. Obviously we purchased the stein glasses, because who wouldn’t. I love me a novelty glass, not that I was drinking beer but still.


Now let’s talk about the music. I *loved* the choice of bands on offer from the organisers of Oktoberfest. As the afternoon went on and the beer flowed, everyone was up, singing and getting involved. The other lovely thing was everyone just started talking to one another, we love a good beer as a social lubricant. From classic theme tunes to 80’s bangers, it was safe to say I was hooked. Also, it’s incredible how many people after a beer will be like CAN YOU TAKE A PHOTO OF ME, when you have a camera out. I love that, so you lovely people – I’ll pop those photos on my insta for you! Especially the lady who wanted to take a photo with me and that threw me off, you dear lady are a diamond and the sweetest thing!


Now would I go to Guildford Oktoberfest again? Yes, yes I would. Would I be sober? No, next year that beer will be all mine and all in my face. The cool thing about it is you can reserve a table for you and 9 other friends. Now I just need to find 9 people who like food, beer and banging tunes as much as I do before 2019. Fancy joining me? Let me know on my contact page and let’s get a banging Oktoberfest 2019 plan going. We will start a Whatsapp group, it will be great! Also who doesn’t love day drinking!


Follow Oktoberfest on Facebook here and you can have a look at their website here. I’ll be banging some of the photos I took from the day on my photography only insta which you can find @bchapellphotography










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