Being a girl gamer

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Today we are going to discuss being a girl who actually enjoys gaming and what comes with that.

I actually love gaming, I find nothing more relaxing than enjoying a good session on Tomb Raider, or linking up with my best friend to go a couple of rounds on Fortnite together and I still to this day can kick anyone’s ass at SSX.

However being a girl who games and seeing how recently it has become incredibly fetishised by porn creators, this has added a whole new level of fuckery to simply trying to enjoy an online game.

It seems that now people assume females who game only do so to get laid and attract men, which is simply not true. I game because when I’ve had a shit day it relaxes me. It’s a whole world that I throw myself into when mine fails me, I don’t do it to be sexy or cute – I do it as a form of escapism.

Being a gamer who happens to be female, doesn’t mean I lay on the floor in a vest top, pants, long socks with some fake nerd glasses getting banged, you’re more likely to find me in my pjs, with a beer shouting a copious amount of swear words at my tv as I get shot for the 15th time that evening, trust me pals – not sexy.

I now get hit on via my Playstation inbox more than ever before. Please people of the online world, dropping into my inbox with “U wanna fuk” wont get you anywhere and please don’t act like I just took away your toy when I say no honey.

When I have my earphones and mic plugged in if I’m online, the shit I get for being a girl. If you happen to shoot a dude in the head during Call Of Duty, you will get inundated with threats of murder and rape. It’s great.

Now I’m not saying it’s every guy, please be assured not every dude who I have whipped online wants to brutally attack me, but some, from what they say, do.

Now what would your Mumma say boy? If she knew you had just threatened to rape the girl who kicked your ass on Fifa?  That you had just threatened to murder this girl because she’s better than you at Fortnite?

Is this the kind of things we are allowing our children and young adults to do? To take out their anger by threatening acts of sexual violence and murder against women.

In such a male heavy industry, you would think females who enjoy gaming would be celebrated instead of threatened. One third of UK women gamers have experienced some sort of abuse online because of  their gender. 23% of UK female gamers feel like they are unable to reveal their gender online because of fear of abuse and 11% of women wont play the online version of a game because of this fear.

What else annoys me greatly? People expecting I don’t know what I am talking about because I am a female. Now you can shut up with that one.

First things first, I’ll kick your ass at SSX pal, step up and give it ago if you’re feeling brave, same with Frogger.

Second, I get just as jazzed and excited about new releases and up and coming gaming companies as the next girl. I was so excited about the Compulsion Games release for We Happy Few, keeping up with all updates and little bits of news. It’s just a real shame that the game was shit and clearly didn’t go through some testing that was clearly needed, it would seem they have actually fixed all the bugs now but I am still salty AF and refuse to play after the mountain of errors and loss of game play after a corruption.

If you want to see just how shitty some men can be to us lady folk in gaming (working in / enjoying), just look at #GamerGate. GamerGate stemmed from the growing influence of women within an historically male dominated industry. Female gamers who were passionate about gaming; that they decided work in the industry, making the games, wanting to make games that they would want to play with female leads and more female friendly.

The result? Basically, a bunch of asshats went on a harassment kick of some gals in the industry and GamerGate was the name given to this movement by these cock wombles. Supporters of GamerGate posted on 4chan, reddit and twitter, throwing death and rape threats at these ladies. Many supporters of GamerGate oppose what they view as the influence of feminism in gaming culture; GamerGate is often viewed as a right-wing backlash against progressivism. You can read a simple guide to what actually happened during GamerGate here.

Basically hon, what I am trying to say here is let me game online in peace, stop threatening to rape and murder me and let me shoot Trinity with arrows in Tomb Raider without worrying I’m going to get a tirade of abuse. Let’s show people some respect shall we, unless its Trinity, they can get in the bin.

Peace and love people, peace and love.




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