Women who inspire me; part one.

Welcome back!

In a world that spends its time disbelieving and tearing down women, this blog is the first in a four part series where, each post, I will look at two women. Women who inspire & empower me to be the best version of me I can be.

Why is this important? Because people who make that much of a difference, without ever knowing about the impact they have, need to be celebrated. Celebrity or not.

So lets go in on my first two influential women who have helped shape me into the bad ass I am today.


Image result for ashnikko

I first discovered this total gem of a women on her remix of Not That Girl by GIRLI.

Now a good 100 of my photo’s on Instagram are captioned with a line pulled from the song; “I have a big fat crush on myself”. Listening to this song on repeat reminded me that I do have a crush on myself, because loving myself is fucking important.

Listening to more and more of Ashnikko, I found my attitude to myself began to change. Sass Pancakes and Bubblegum soon became my jams for when I was having a bad day. Lifting me out my moods and giving me the confidence to smash my day out.

With each song, I was finding myself appreciating this artist more and more. Would I call Ashnikko one of my favourite artists? You’re damn skippy I would. Do I blast her shit on the way to work with my windows down? You’re fucking right I do, because Farnham needs to hear this shit and hear the passion and raw beauty of the lyrics of each song Ashnikko bangs out.

Now why do I find Ashnikko influential? Why has she made such a difference too me?

Because her music has given me the confidence to take on my day. When you suffer with depression and anxiety, if something gives you that fucking boost, you take it. That is certainly what her music has managed to do for me.

When I am in my worst spaces, my earphones go in and I can lock out whats around me focusing on the stunning vocals in my ears.

She sings about shit that not many people would have the bollocks to go in on. If you wanna see what I mean, check out her song Invitation. Have your fucking mind blown by the fucking genius that is Ashnikko.

I was, also, that weirdo who reached out to her, to let her know that her music has made a real difference in my life and honestly she couldn’t of been sweeter.

I honestly don’t think anything I write can convey how much her music has done for me. I’m fully aware I sound like a crazy stalker rn.

Find her links below

Youtube here

Insta here

Twitter here


Kitty Underhill

Image result for kitty underhill

Now let’s talk about this utter doll. I discovered Kitty Underhill during her Q&A with Neon Moon (a fucking awesome underwear company which you can check out here)

I showed up simply to find out what her lip colour was, because that shit was fire, and stayed for the message this total hon was spreading.

Kitty is a body confidence and self love advocate, and honestly her chat was strong. For someone who has always struggled with her body, Kitty’s words sat with me in a way I didn’t know was possible.

Making me view my body in a new light, that my body type isn’t weird, or something to be ashamed of, and no-one had made me be able to see that before. She made me believe that I could wear whatever I wanted, and fucking slay it. I have adopted this, and I honestly have learnt that as long as I am happy in what I’ve chosen to wear, then what does anyone else’s opinion matter.

Basically, she managed the impossible and made me actually like myself; something no-one has achieved before. If I’m ever having a wobble; I pop over to her socials and get me a pick me up.

Kitty is also so lovely, she’s the kinda gal that I would kick it with drinking a bottle of rosé and chewing the fat with.

I mean, as a photographer myself, I can see how stunning Kitty is too photograph. Her Instagram is evidence of this, with such beautiful photographs. Seriously she fucking slays.

I suggest you check her out, because she will put a fucking happy ass buzz in your day.

You can check out her links below

Website here

Instagram here

Twitter here


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