Open Mic Night hosted by Fam.ILY at The George, Alton.

Welcome back.

Sunday the 27th saw me coming to the end of a two day hangover, hanging out in The George in Alton ready to get my ear holes treated to the finest that Fam.ILY had to bring to the table. You can check out Fam.ILY and their Facebook page here for updates on their events, I plan to be covering and attending many, many, many more of them in the future.

So let’s get into the acts. 8 talents to delight and amaze and let me say they did not disappoint. Of course I made notes for your reading pleasure, so check those out below!

1 – Solve the Nodus

So I’ve known Dan (Solve the Nodus)  a very, very long time and let me start by saying I am incredibly proud of everything he has achieved in the time since he started pursuing his musical dreams. Please be assured that my pride for Dan has no bias on what I am about to say.

Dan is fucking talented. Giving me young Ben Howard feels and a voice that cut through the empty space. He certainly knows how to command the attention of the room, yet make you feel like you’re the only one in the room. He manages to make you feel like he’s singing just for you and to you.

His original songs are not only beautifully performed; the lyrics will touch you in your soul.

You can check him out on Facebook here and Instagram here.


2 –  Philip Jones

So this singer, who is also a published author, started his set by treating us to a cover of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – “Free Falling” and then a tasty little cover of “Knocking on Heavens Door”.

Everyone loves a well known cover and soon the pub was singing along in appreciation. Everyone loves a set you can get involved with and bop along to!

Accompanied by Solve The Nodus, the pair had us singing and bopping along in no time.

You can check out his book here!

3 – Becky Lewsley 

The first thing I’ve written in my notes is WHATS UP CHER! followed by I HOPE SHE SINGS TURN BACK TIME. SHE BETTER SING TURN BACK TIME. 

She didn’t sing more Cher and that made me sad, because she served my full Cher voice fantasy.

Seriously this lass has a hell of a fucking voice and fills the space like you would not believe. Honey I could see you were nervous, I could see those jitters but trust me boo – you didn’t need to be. You left me with full blown shivers from your voice so “believe in yourself henny”.

We were then treated to a cover of a song from the film “The Greatest Showman”. Don’t ask me which one, I’ve never seen it but after Becky’s rendition; I’m certainly ready to watch it.

Then out came the Dolly classic, Jolene. This is the first time Becky performed this and girl you  S L A Y E D that shit. Slayed it. I even wrote fucking slayed in my notes.

Then came another cover of New Rules by Dua Lipa. I mean, I barely knew the song… now I’ve had that shit on repeat since last night to the annoyance of my cat.

Becky’s voice reminded me of The Diva from the film The 5th Element. I mean if you wanted to cover The Diva Dance for next time, I’d be really fucking happy because I honestly reckon you could pull it off.

Image result for 5th element singer

You can check her out on the book of faces here

4 – The Cahoots 

Starting us out with a cover of Vertigo by U2, this two piece band even had me singing along. Considering I hate U2 with a passion; this even surprised me. They actually made U2 tolerable which is rare.

Honestly the lead singer of this duo is who I wanna be when I grow up. She was cool as fuck. She gave me serious Janis Joplin / Joan Jett vibes and I can seriously get behind that big time.

Then they threw in some Nelly Furtado – Maneater and what can I say, even this cold hearted bitch was about ready to get up and throw some shapes. I mean I didn’t but I certainly thought about it long and hard.

All in all, fucking stella performance.

5 – Jack Green

I was pleasantly surprised when  Jack took the stage. Having only seen him drum before, I was unaware he was also a guitarist and singer. I was also unaware of the set of lungs the guy had on him, them vocals strong.

Jack has the kind of voice that I would listen to after a bad day and was trying to calm myself down from flipping a table. I would happily go and watch him at least another 10 ten times.

One of the things I’ve put in my notes is that I would be very interested to see what he would be like with a full band backing. Turns out this is already a thing with an EP due in the future, so I’ll be sure to report back on if it’s any good or not.

Then Jack busted out some Neil Young. Now anyone who knows me, knows I am a Neil Young fan, so when someone covers him – they better not fuck it up. Luckily Jack did not disappoint and had the whole bar clapping and tapping along.

But Jack mate, where the fuck is the socials at man? How am I menna promote your shit? Come on now.


6 – Sydney Dejorey 

Let me start by saying that this lass is clearly fucking talented. Covering Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, I was left with fucking shivers.

Her stage presence is uncompromising and clear, demanding attention from everyone in the room. Throwing us a Purple Rain cover, I was once again left with goosebumps as Sydney’s haunting voice sliced through the venue.

I would 100% recommend checking Sydney out, you wont fucking regret it.

You can find her on Facebook here


7 – Fred Irwin

What a surprise. Fred is back. At this point, I am tempted to let Fred write about himself because there’s only so many ways I can say I think he’s great and I think he’s worked out I am a fan.

We are shocked. I could sit here and just send you to check out the 47 million blogs I’ve already written about Fred but I wont. Do you know why I wont? BECAUSE HE GAVE ME SOME NEW SHIT TO WRITE ABOUT.


I was sat there with the lovely Amber (Fred’s wonderful missus who I am forcing to be my friend and discuss drag with me) singing along and getting into it. That’s how often I listen to Fred, I can happily sing along – not well, but I can.

At this point I’m pretty much just the biographer for Fred’s career because he’s up on this blog so much and it’s not surprising when he brings such a talent to the fucking stage.

Now, as I said, two new things from Fred for me to write about. A sick Will Varley cover and the title track from his upcoming EP. Both had me fucking jazzed about the upcoming EP, which you can pre-order now. Do it. Now. I’ve left the website link below. I can already tell this is going to be one of my favourite albums of this year without a doubt.

I don’t know if I’m hitting creepy stalker levels of how much I review Fred yet but give it a few months and I’m sure he’ll have a restraining order out on me. I have to say though, with each time he takes the stage, I can see his confidence grow and  its an insanely great thing to see.

Hey Fred, proud of you.

Check out Fred’s website here  and his Instagram and his Twitter and you can find him on Spotify here.

Also buy one of his shirts, available on his website. I did and I look great AND they are only £10.

8 – Scott Freeman

Now last up is Scott Freeman.


This man not only has the talent but he has the fucking energy that is needed to slay a stage. He is a natural showman, thats clear from the second he steps on the stage.

Every time I was meant to see Scott prior, my ass has been too hungover to make it. I regret this. He is amazing. I was fucking hooked. I don’t think I can actually put into words the talent this guy has. It’s rare I am left speechless, but last night – I couldn’t formulate how great Scott is live.

It took Scott 17 attempts to be played on BBC radio. How? Seriously fucking how? Someone does not know talent.

Scott hit us with an amazing cover of Boy’s Don’t cry and honestly I was living. Seriously this man is so talented and one of the most charming performers I have ever seen.

Scott releases a new album in September and I’m going to be so sad if T-shirt Salesmen and Two Cats Talking aren’t on there because she LOVES.

Honestly, Scott, you’re incredibly talented.

You can check him out on Facebook here, Instagram here and check out his Spotify here

So what can I say overall? The open mic night was a fucking treat. Get yourself down there for the next one and check it out!

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