Plus size women, more than your after dark secret.

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Today I wanted to discuss a topic that recently popped its way into the social media universe that touched a nerve with a large number of people.

For too long plus size women have been used as after dark, 3am booty calls because they are a shameful kink. They are women you aren’t to be seen with in the daylight, women who aren’t to be taken out in public; women you would never admit you’re romantically involved with.

Plus size women are more than just the behind closed doors loves, we are more than the back of the car fumble. We are completely over being hidden away because we deserve more. We are over feeling like no-one will treat us better because we carry some weight.

We are already taught to feel bad enough about our size by society, we don’t need people using us and making us feel fake loved for their own sexual gratification.

“Big girls are just happy for the attention” – I hear this so often and it drives me mental every time. We aren’t just happy for you shitty attention. We deserve to be loved truly, loudly, beautifully. We deserve to be more than a shitty hidden part of your sexual escapades. We deserve to be treated more than cheap whores who have no feelings.

We should be allowed to be proud of our bodies and we shouldn’t have to hide ourselves. We should be allowed to love publicly and freely without being hidden in the dark.

So I call on you my chunky yet funky brothers and sisters and I ask you to leave the people who do this in 2018.

In 2019 focus on you, focus on people who are proud to love you. Focus on being with people who are happy to hold your hand, happy to grab your face and kiss it all over in the daylight. Just because you’re plus size, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve all the love in the world. Go find your superstar who will treat you like the prince/princess that you deserve to be treated like.

You deserve more honey.  

2 thoughts on “Plus size women, more than your after dark secret.

  1. Well said. Years agoI had been chatting to a guy online and by phone who suggested meeting up. I suggested meeting in the local pub. He laughed at me. Don’t be ridiculous was his response. Women like you are for fun behind closed doors. I have never forgotten his comment. I refuse to defined by my size. I am happy and confident in myself and if people don’t like me as I am then it’s them that have the problem not me. Be who you are and sod everyone else


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