Can boys and girls ever really be friends?

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Today we are covering the age old debate. Can boys and girls ever really just be friends? Is the sexual attraction between us way too strong? Can we not resist jumping on each other and getting our freak on?

We are going to go further into this below and you’ll also see some bonus photos of me and my pals; who I love, platonically, and unconditionally, but I don’t want their man sausage in my penetration station.


People find it very confusing when they find out I have a wide range of friends who aren’t women. They think that because I’d rather sit, drink and chew the fat with a bunch of dudes that it must mean I am sexually attracted to all of them.

This is not a thing. I don’t want to ride every dick I meet off into the sunset. I connect with people for their views, intelligence, passion, and humour. For me it just happens that I vibe less with women.

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But people believe that one way or another, one of us will sit there with unrequited feelings of love. Dying inside every time we see our “friend”, the object of our desire, going through the same cycle of being with someone else and breaking up. Maybe even having to watch them with a long term partner. We know that will never be us, but yet, we lust after them, wondering if one day they could ever bring themselves to love us back.

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Now don’t get me wrong, there are people out there that you meet and you straight up just wanna bang. There’s no chance of a purely platonic friendship because the sexual attraction between the two of you is beyond crazy.

You can try the whole friendship thing, give it your best shot, but sooner or later; y’all gon bang. It may take a week, a month or maybe even ten years but sooner or later you’re going to be doing the no pants dance. Sorry to break it to you but it’s going to happen.

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My male friends offer me a different view on the world than that of my female pals. This is something I am forever grateful for.

Don’t get me wrong, my gal pals hype me the fuck up, have my back and fight my corner. But my guy pals, they are the ones that will straight up tell me if I’m being an over dramatic prick and bring me back down from the angry cloud I was sat on.

I know I over think. I know that my anxiety and my depression cloud my judgement. I know I have a head that likes to self sabotage me. I also have a ton of friends who pull me back to the ground and give me a clear vision on situations.

My dudes are some of my most protective friends. All like brothers, they look after me if someone crosses me, if someone breaks my heart or even if someone tries to rumble. I recently told my closest friends of an incident that happened when I was younger. I’ve never seen my dudes so angry and willing to go to prison for my ass.

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I also find that people get very jealous of male / female friendships. The amount of times my partners have got jealous over the fact I kick it with dudes is honestly ridiculous.

I’ve had full blown arguments about the guys I hang out with. Apparently other men cannot be trusted. This is the thing, I’m not someone’s property – I don’t belong to you and I am capable of judging people accordingly. You don’t need to trust anyone else, you need to trust me. If I am with you, I am with you – I’m not trying to fuck my friends.

If my friend is crossing a line with me, you can be assured I am going to make it well known that you hitting on me isn’t cool and I am not down with it.

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In conclusion, guys and dolls can certainly be just friends with no romantic attachment at all.

It doesn’t matter what gender you are; friendship is friendship. You can’t help that one day you pick a human that you get on with and you just decide you’re going to do things together. You may get feelings, you may not. They may get feeling for you, they may not. It’s just human nature baby.

Friendship is a beautiful thing. Cherish it and roll with it. I’m very lucky that I seem to have got myself the diamond brand when it comes to friends.

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