Jaz Connell, new single review

Welcome back,

Today we are doing a review of the lovely Jaz Connell and her brand spanking new single Footsteps!

Jaz sent me a sneaky preview of this back in January and I’ve been sat waiting and waiting to release this review. This song is simply stunning. It’s beautifully written and the vocals are damn perfect.

I’m not going to lie, when I review a new single – I will sit listening to it on repeat so I can sit here and write about it. Sat here listening to Footsteps over and over I can feel myself tapping and bobbing along. Jaz is clearly an incredibly talented  young lady. I am jazzed (you see what I did there?) to see what Jaz comes out with next.

One song and I’m like ok, so when’s the album? When am I going to hear more of this? Because I need to drive down the coast blasting out the sweet tones of Miss Connell and drinking a coffee. I need to throw a summer dinner party with Footsteps blasting in the background. This is the kind of song I would shove on at top volume and sing along to when I am having a shitty day.

If this one song gives us any insight into this artists future and career, it’s clearly going to be a long and well known one.

I want to dance to Jaz’s music, I want to fall in love to it. I want to drink coffee, be with the people I love, be alone or adventure, all with it.

Jaz reminds me of Lady Antebellum but British. Bringing a new wave and a new twist on the classic Americana style music, I’m interested to see where Jaz goes next. Thought provoking words and a beautiful voice, Jaz has well and truly slayed me. I might even take a trip to the Isle of Wight, to see Jaz do her thing live.

I would thoroughly suggest keeping this artist on your radar as I expect big, big things.

Jaz, let me know when you drop that album, because girl, I want to review that. I want to be your hype girl.

You can find Jaz on Facebook here, Instagram here and Spotify here!

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