Firey Bird Woking, Acoustic night

Welcome back.

Tonight I am writing about the amazing Firey Bird in Woking. I love this venue. I love everything they stand for and I love Elaine, the lady who runs Firey Bird.

Honestly, the whole vibe and mission of the Firey Bird is something I can get behind. It’s run purely by volunteers, the door cover goes to covering the running of the venue and it’s been created to be a safe space for everyone who enters their doors. It doesn’t matter who you are at Firey Bird. Your gender, your race, your religion, your sexuality doesn’t matter when you’re in the venue. You’re accepted. You’re loved. I will support this project until I can no longer write and my hands don’t work.

I suggest everyone goes to this venue, go check out their nights and go support them. You’ll see me there A L O T. You can check them out on Facebook here, Instagram here and Twitter here.

Plus bands, hit them up, book your gigs here. Do it for me. Do it for you.

Anyway let’s get into the night and the 4 act’s that treated my musical ear holes.

Evert Outen 

I heard this guy the second I walked in the front door and I was aching and twitching to get in and see who was playing. Even before I entered the room I could hear his passion and I was left with shivers.

I’d happily bang Evert on during a dinner party with my crew and let his sweet tones wash over us as we ate.

Not only is he incredibly talented, his chat on stage was funny and engaging. He certainly knew how to reel a crowd in.

I’ve simply written in my notes “fucking hell, what a voice“, I really don’t think there is a better way to explain it. I was shook. Shooketh sir. Snatch my wig, I am shook. Considering Evert usually plays with a full band, he can certainly smash it out alone.

I haven’t heard a voice like his in a while and that really excites me. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on his upcoming releases. I didn’t notice one single slip or stumble, his confidence is unreal and certainly deserved.

You can check his website out here, Facebook here, Instagram here and Spotify here.



Now these guys came in with a Skunk Ananise cover. I was sat there, like no, please, please don’t – I can’t and wont handle it if this is terrible. This is one of my favourite bands, please don’t fucking ruin it. I had no need to panic however because they slayed it. I sat there singing along, beyond happy and in my own little world appreciating this stellar cover. Later in the set they covered Zombie, I sat there panicking once more. If you hit the classics you’re going to make me panic. They once again proved to me there was no need as they covered it perfectly.

Honestly very jealous of the guy on the hitty box, what a talent. As a drummer I appreciate you and your skill sir. I really do. I’d be very interested to see how you translate on to a full kit. Now Mr bassist, I see you. Effortless and cool as hell stood there doing your thing.

Now, the delightful lady singer served me full fucking Stevie Nicks vibes and I was on board and here for it. If you had started some Stevie I would have near on lost my mind. As for the other singer, I was sat there knocked back by his voice. Honestly, you wanna come stand in my house and just play your guitar and sing at me pal, you are more than welcome.

This isn’t the kind of music I would usually sit and listen to but I can get behind this on a major level. I would seriously suggest checking them out.

You can check their website out here, Facebook here, Instagram here and Spotify here.


Will Purdue

Once again the wonderful angel that is Will ends up on this little old blog of mine. The first note I have written down is legit “Eurgh, how is he even so talented?” I mean, that’s totally valid, because Will is one of the most talented humans I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with.

There is something about Will’s voice that simply makes me really fucking happy. Like, centres me. I’m pretty sure he is better than the first time I saw him? If that’s possible? Maybe it’s because I am sober this time.

He was joined on staged by the incredible singer Camilla (you can check her insta here) and a banging sax player Sophie.

I just want to talk about Sophie for a hot second as she gave me full Juliet Lewis vibes, but cooler. I don’t know if its possible to be cooler than Juliet Lewis but I feel like Sophie might just be. Now for Camilla, girl your voice hit me like bricks. This gal here is in love.

These three musicians just work so very well together and it’s no surprise to me that all three looked so happy to be stood next to each other on stage. Will’s voice gives me Jonny Cash shivers and I will always be in awe of how he gets it so very right every single time.

We were treated to his new single and honestly I am in love. I don’t think Will could release anything I wouldn’t like. I wouldn’t want him to try but maybe that’s a challenge for him. I only saw him live back in September time and his development in the short time from then to now is honestly insane.

Everyone check out Will’s new single I Don’t Think We Should Rush In, it’s a pure bop.

You can check Will’s website out here, Facebook here, Instagram here and Spotify here.



Let me start by saying that I would like this entire band to adopt me. Please. I would like to be your band daughter. Drop me a DM because I need all of y’all to be my band parents. Thanks.

Mark the lead singer was born to be on stage. If he ever gets off stage, I’m going to be so mad. His stage presence is just insane. Honestly I couldn’t keep my eyes off. Not only a clearly talented singer but funny as hell. If he ever wanted to get out of music, he has a career within comedy without a doubt.

I have so much love for these guys. Charming, hilarious and an utter joy to watch. I will be attempting to attend any show they play going forward. In fact, I would drop some serious coin to see these guys live again and again.

They then hit one of my favourite songs, Female Of The Species.  I was hyped and ready. I put my notebook down and sang along because it was insanely good. It was one of the best covers I have EVER heard of this song. In fact I might even prefer this to the original? I think? Maybe I do?

Their EP launch is on the 6th April at The Star in Guildford. Even though my heart breaks that I wont be there this time, I suggest you should make it along if you can.

You can check Eltel’s Facebook here, Instagram here and Spotify here.



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