Kate Dimbleby at The Electric Theatre live review

Welcome back home slices,

Tonight I am covering an event I was at a few weeks ago at the wonderful Electric Theatre in Guildford. I know I’m a bit behind on posting this review, this is due to sickness and some wonky MH but she’s back and ready to wow you.

So let me start with taking about The Electric Theatre. A staple of the Guildford music scene. Playing here myself as a teen, it will always be one of the venues that stays firmly in my heart. I was meant to cover another event at this banger of a venue, but I’m 100% a dumb ass and put the wrong date in my diary; showing up on the wrong day when the venue was closed.

Check out the venue on Facebook here, Instagram here, Twitter here and check out their website here. Support local venues, like this one; because live music is nothing without the venues.

So let’s talk about Kate. Girl bowled out on stage in this bright yellow coat and converse and I was living. She looked like Dr Who and I was down for that. I had no idea what to expect but I was already down for this gal’s look. Busting out with some high ass energy I was on board for what ever happened next.

Using a Roland looping machine to create her tunes, Kate brings her own style of talent to the stage. She shook me with her cover of Fever by Peggy Lee. This song is one of my all time favourites and I always panic when someone takes on something as epic as this Peggy Lee power house song. However, I had no need to worry as Kate destroyed that. She was insane and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.  She also has this utterly insane vocal range that knocked me for six.

Now, anyone who knows me will know that He’s a Tramp by Peggy Lee is honestly one of my top Disney bops ever. Kate busting this out took me straight to my childhood and I was living for it. I honest to gawd wanted to grab a plate of meat balls and pasta and start pushing it about with my nose. I was living my full Lady and The Tramp fantasy.  

Image result for he's a tramp but i love him gif


Being so incredibly engaging, its no wonder the audience was singing along. With something for everyone, the audience was engaged and ready to get their musical groove on. From current bops down to 1950’s doo-wop classics, even I was singing along and wiggling my butt in my chair.

Kate also called me young. She called me young. At 27, I will 100% take being called young considering I am some what barreling towards clocking up 30 years on this planet.

This incredible woman is such high energy and I am here for it. Not only that, she is beyond talented. That voice has stuck with me since. I would utterly live if she busted out Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas. Kate if you’re reading this, please record that – you would slay slay slay that.

For the second half of this musical delight, out busts Kate in some glittery heels. Anyone who knows me, this bitch lives for a glittery heel. She also started taking audience requests. So you’re damn skippy I requested Feeling Good because this honey loves that total bop and Kate didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. Kate isn’t my usual musical go to but you can be damn skippy I will listening to her again.

Then she busted out You Are My Sunshine. That stopped me in my tracks. This song is something I hold so dear, a song my mumma used to sing to me as a child. Kate’s version was beautiful and I honestly could of cried. I was close too. I kind of want Kate to adopt me. A little… please?

Basically, y’all need to check Kate out. She is insane and you can find her links below.

You can check out Kate on Twitter here, Facebook here, her website here and she has of course been added to the Kiss of Beths reviewed playlist here.

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