The Rattlebacks and BloodHounds at The Bedford, Horsham.

Welcome back

This review comes a little late because of  the huge amount of gigs this gal right here reviews. Here we are, reviewing the wonderful Bloodhounds and the boys who keep on ending up on this blog; The Rattlebacks.

So let’s start with The Bedford itself. I love this pub, it feels old school and local. The kind of place that you would go kick it with your friends on a Friday night in their stunning beer garden. If you’re ever in Horsham, go for a potter and check this place out. The bar staff are also so so lovely!

You can check them out on Facebook here.

So let’s get down into the music review.


Hitting the stage, lead singer Joey looked effortlessly cool; serving rock and roll Top Gun vibes in a pair of aviators. Man straight up gives me Lemmy vibes.

They sound crisper and cleaner in this venue. The Bedford space seriously works for this bands vibes and sound. You can hear how talented they are in this space. From the instrumentals to the vocals, it just sounded so fucking good. I’m sat at this table, shook and just feeling super proud of how sick these darlings sound.

Image result for happy cry gif

They have such an insane energy. I’m always here for it when they are on stage. I honestly don’t think these boys could disappoint me. They just seem to get better and better and I am excited to see what is next for this band. I can see them hitting some heights because they deserve to hit that big time.

These boys have the bravado a rock and roll band need. You can’t help but fall for their bad boy charms. Honestly, they showed they were the definition of cool. They are an incredibly talented band and I will continue to follow them closely. How could I not when they are turning it out to this level.

During their set, I believe during the song Ashes; The Rattlebacks boys threw their lighters up in support. I love that. I don’t believe there is enough of that at gigs anymore. It’s all about throwing your phone light up, fuck that – bring back the actual fire. Fuck ya health and safety.

I got to say, Bloodhounds don’t have enough music on Spotify to keep me happy. Please, please record and put so so so much more music up so I can binge listen, thank you very much. If you haven’t swung by their Spotify to check out their new music, you bloody well should. It has exceeded my expectations and I’m ready to see what else they turn out.

You can find them on Instagram here, Facebook here and Spotify here!


The Rattlebacks 

May I start by saying, I love a supportive parent. Sue, you’re an angel and I love the fact that you turn up to every gig and you support your spawn. I am here for that home girl.

On this occasion, The Rattlebacks regular Charlie the drummer was MIA. Replaced by the hench af Seth, who I have to say; most serious drummer face I have ever seen in my life. As much as I missed the talented beats of Charlie, this stand in really turned it the fuck out. He’s clearly incredibly fucking talented and I look forward to seeing him again, either with this band or any other band.

The energy from the boys is a huge part of why I support them so heavily. They forever bring the full fucking energy to the stage…. and jager. They bring the jager to the stage and Coxy drinks it. So that was amusing to watch. Pro tip Coxy darling, when pouring a liquid, try and get it in your mouth.

Paul was utterly incredible as usual. That man has a fucking power house of a voice. It’s clear he’s incredibly talented. Even when a certain guitarist hits him in the head resulting in some bleeding. The show must go on, right? It’s no surprise, with a lead singer with such a voice; that I listen to these guys on repeat. Back of My Hand is my jam. Paul certainly comes into his own on stage. He seems somewhat shy and reserved before grabbing a mic. Then out comes this wickedly confident front man. I’m here for it.

There is nothing not to like about these boys. From Max throwing himself off stage to “Other Jack” bopping about on his bass; I will always recommend and support these rock and roll hell raisers. They are what the music scene has been missing and I have no doubt they are going to go the distance.

You can find them on Instagram here, Facebook here and Spotify here!

You can check both of these bands out on my reviewed playlist on Spotify, which you can check out here

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