Lounge Aid at the Marciano Lounge in support of Woking Mind.

Welcome back home slices,

Tonight she is covering a charity evening at the Marciano Lounge in aid of the charity Woking Mind.

Let’s start with the Marciano Lounge. I love this place. You walk in and the staff make you feel instantly at home. Filled to the brim of people enjoying themselves and gearing up for a night of amazing music all in the name of charity.

Great coffee and a cosy chair, this place is certainly somewhere I’ll be visiting again. I can’t help but support a place that raises money for such a wonderful charity. Plus their food is really good. You can find them on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Also happy 21st birthday Olivia, ya utter angel.

So this evening was all in aid of Mind, Woking. This charity supports adults suffering with mental health issues. They have been doing this for 40 years which is utterly incredible. They believe no-one should go through mental health alone, so they are there to provide support and advice. You can check them out here and donate here.

As someone who suffers with mental health issues, this charity is something that is very close to my heart. This charity does such amazing work, so if you’re able to donate – please, please do.

So let’s get into the music…

Jake Mckeon

Once again, Jake has floored me with his talent. Starting with Stand By Me; it comes as no shock to me that he is so popular. He’s out there hitting every note and every beat. This blogger is 100% hooked. I am genuinely upset Jake isn’t more well known, he really deserves to be.

At this point I’m going to give his wonderful mum a shout out. We cuddled. She’s great. We love a supportive parent over here on Kiss of Beth’s. So shout out to you my hon, you are an angel and thank you for spawning such a talented human.

Now I was utterly impressed by both Jake’s covers and originals. It takes a serious amount of balls to cover an Ed Sheeran song. Many have attempted it and failed. So when Jake decided to cover Lego House, my inner skeptic panicked. I was praying, hoping and crossing my fingers that he would pull this off. I had no need to worry because Jake smashed it out the park. I was sat there, living my Ed fantasy thanks to Jake.

I have to talk about his original song, Sugar. This utter bop has been stuck in my head since I first saw Jake at Fiery Bird. You can only catch this live because he is yet to get his music on Spotify. I beg you Jake, please make this sooner rather than later. I need to listen to this on repeat and sing it incredibly badly on my commute to/from work.

There is something that sticks with me about Jake. He’s incredibly talented. His music speaks to me and I don’t think I can find anything bad to say about this sweet solo artist.

If you haven’t followed him on social media, I suggest you do. Get to one of his gigs, where you will likely find me begging him to play Sugar over and over.

You can check him out on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Eloise Carter 


From just outside my home town, from my old school and currently attending my old college; I can’t help but love this young vocal power house.

At a mere 16, Eloise commands a stage with more confidence than I have seen people double, even triple her age manage. She brings a fun energy and playfulness vibe that you cannot help but fall in love with.

Starting her set off with Yellow by Coldplay; I rolled my eyes straight away. Everyone who knows me personally knows I dislike Coldplay with a passion… but not when Eloise sings them. I may have actually found a way to make Coldplay tolerable to listen too. Well done Eloise, you have achieved something that no-one has. You made me listen to Coldplay and not hate it.

This girl clearly has a long and celebrated career ahead of her. From her covers to her original songs based around mental  health, it’s clear she has that talent and fire that I adore to see.

Then she covered Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Here I am again panicking once again. As I explained earlier, not everyone can cover Ed. I’m going to be completely honest here, Eloise brought a tear to this cold hearted wenches eye. That’s right, she made me drop a tear from my perfectly winged eye. She was that good.

She may be young but this one is fierce. I throughly recommend her. I will in fact be covering her here on this very blog again, how can I not. Home town hero.

She also has a band which I have left the links for below!

You can check out this little power houses band, St Paulo, on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Once again you can donate to this amazing charity here.

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