You smile, asshole.

“Someone like me can be a real nightmare, completely aware
But I’d rather be a real nightmare, than die unaware, yeah
Someone like me can be a real nightmare, completely aware
But I’m glad to be a real nightmare, so save me your prayers”

Nightmare – Halsey

Welcome back.

Tonight I wanted to talk about some shit that makes me angry. Specifically how some guys think I (or women in general) owe them something.

That’s right, I’m going to get angry and opinionated. I was inspired by Nightmare by Halsey to write this piece. Why? Because as a woman, we get fucked left, right and, centre. Simply for not having the Y chromosome. You can check out the song and video below.


So let’s start shall we.

I get told to smile by random men in bars. It happened more often than I can count. Why should I smile, pal? Honestly, I’m not on this planet to flash you a smile and make you feel like you could get my skinny jeans off me with a cheesy chat up line and a shit cocktail.

Why do you think I owe you something? Is it because I put make up on and wore a skirt? Therefore I have to smile? I have nothing to smile for. You want me to smile for you sweetheart? When my fellow women around the world are having their rights to decide what happens to their body removed? Where their heartbeat isn’t important any more? No.

It’s like, blokes sliding into DM’s. Just fuck off would you? I didn’t post a cute ass selfie so you could get your rocks off. I also really don’t want to see it either, did you really need to send me a photo? What went through your mind when you sent that? Oh this girl, she will really enjoy this photo/video of me angrily attempting to jerk myself off. Oh she’s told me to fuck off, better abuse her and call her fat.

On that body shaming note, how is my body any of your fucking concern? If I want to bowl about in a crop top with my cute chubby belly on show, then how is it your problem?  It’s only your problem because you keep staring. Making a comment about how I look isn’t going to change the fact that I, and I cannot stress this enough, look bomb as fuck. So don’t waste your breath. If you’re so insecure in yourself, to the point of making a comment about my looks, that isn’t my fucking problem.

They’re almost as sad as the guys out there who use women just to get their dick wet. To those guys – Fuck you. Simply. You lie to women, tell them you love them, tell them everything you think they want to hear just to shatter them. You lead them on, only to break their hearts. You are quite simply terrible fucking people. If you use sex as a weapon or to make yourself feel better, invest in a flesh light because we aren’t interested in your shit anymore. Womankind had a meeting and we are fucking over it. We will no longer get sucked in by your bullshit.

Let me just clarify this is not aimed at all men. I know you’re not all assholes. Hell, this is even for the women out there who find it acceptable to tear other woman down. There’s a special place in hell for woman who don’t support other woman.

I’m tired and angry but somebody should be.

Let me finish this piece and incase you didn’t get the point of this; I politely remind you that I and any other woman you know, don’t owe you a fucking thing.

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