Open mic night at The Roebuck, Wokingham

Welcome back!

Tonight is about the open mic night held at The Roebuck over in Wokingham. A lovely little local pub with some of the most friendly bar staff I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

A wonderful space with plenty of room for activities and a huge court yard area, where smokers like me, can unite by the thousand. I would certainly suggest checking out this pub. Be it for the open mic night or just for a cheeky drink, it is certainly somewhere I plan to frequent more often. You can check them out on Facebook here!

So now let’s get onto the music, shall we?

So this open mic night was guest hosted by one of the most wonderful women I have the pleasure of personally knowing, Crystal Harris AKA Amya-Ray. Usually this night is hosted by the utter sweetheart and Mowzer guitarist Conor. However our Conor had been in Madrid for the football, so was in no fit state to be running anything.

Saying that, Conor did kick the evening off with a rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone accompanied by fellow pub regulars and Liverpool fans. This was a lovely nod to Liverpool winning the Champions League. No matter what state Conor is in, his voice will always give me goosebumps

Amya – Ray

So I adore this woman, she has such a wonderful voice. She is clearly full of natural talent and passion, it fills my heart with such joy. I could listen to her voice on repeat without hesitation. 

I have nothing bad to say about her. She sounds like someone I could fall in love with someone to. The voice of someone who would play in the background as you kissed someone and slow danced with them in the rain. Her song Game Over hits me with such feeling. She is an incredibly talented song writer. That is incredibly evident.

She is such a talented human and I feel incredibly privileged to know her personally. One of the most pure souls I have ever had the utter pleasure of having in my life, her added stunning vocal talent makes me very lucky to know her. She gives me goosebumps with her voice.

I don’t think I could ever say anything bad about her. Just ever. Voice so pure it could make even the angriest person take a break and calm at her tones. I am going to follow this lady very closely as I can’t wait to see what comes next for this talent. 

Amya-Ray is debuting a full band on Wednesday 12th June at the Purple Turtle in Reading at 8pm. Come along, I’ll be there; being charming.

You can check out Amya-Ray on Instagram here, Facebook here, Youtube here and Spotify here.



This gent certainly has some serious talent. Serving me those Ben Howard vibes.  I live for that voice and that style at the moment.  Turns out he’s one of the barkeeps at the the pub, so shout out for being a multi talented human. I wanted to hear more, almost begging to hear more. I am hoping next time I come back, Jak will spend some more time on the stage. His voice powerful and strong it’s one I could certainly tolerate listening too again.


Gary Millard

I have to say from the get go, Gary has one of the most soothing voices I have ever had the pleasure of writing about. He gives me Dave McPherson’s solo stuff vibes and anyone who knows me will know how behind this I am.

This is the second time I have seen him play and he was bowling me over once again with his sound, it’s no wonder he is a firm favourite within the local music scene. Prodigiously talented and delightful; his voice is one that I will look forward to seeing live more. Gary if you’re reading this, drop me a DM – I’d love to do a solo piece and interview with you.

I can 100% recommend listening to Gary on Spotify and I can confirm he has been added to my driving playlists. He has also been added to the KOB reviewed playlist! Three songs in fact because one is with the wonderful Amya-Ray.

You can check out Gary on Instagram here, Facebook here, Youtube here and Spotify here

Lisa Kenny 

What an insane voice. She has a sound that I could fall asleep to. Drifting off into dream land whilst listening to her seraphic voice. I can feel the passion in each word she sings and each note she plays. The pain, the heart ache and the love. I can feel it all and I’m here for it.

Looking utterly stunning also in a red dress it’s clear she turned up to slay. I am throughly excited to see what this lady comes out with in the future. For the second time of the evening I got goosebumps. 

Even with the noise and hubbub in the pub, her voice stands out and cuts over the crowd. An elegant voice, something which would play in the background of a beautiful on screen moment.

Her voice wasn’t what I expected, it was far far better and superior than I could ever have thought.  I want Lisa’s music to play throughout my life. In my good moments,  in my bad, in my highs and lows. I want her added to the soundtrack of my world. 

You can check out Lisa on Instagram here and Sound Cloud here.


You can check out the Kiss of Beth’s Reviewed Playlist here! It’s a collection of the finest bands that have graced the pages of my little blog.

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