The Rattlebacks. Live review and interview.

Welcome back my home slices.

Tonight I am writing about The Rattlebacks show on the 31st August at The Star in Guildford.

Thanks to Jack May who took the photo that is the cover for this piece. You can check out his Instagram here. It’s a lovely photo of me taking a lovely photo of Max… lovely.

I have deleted and re-written this part so many times. The live review of these boys has been a bit emotional. This show was charged. There was a different vibe and the words I kept writing just didn’t do it justice.

Why was this show so emotionally charged? Why did I find this so hard to write about? Because this was The Rattlebacks lead singer Paul’s last show with the band.

I’m heartbroken to write those words because we all know my love for The Rattlebacks as a band. Understandably Paul has stepped away for his own reasons. Whoever takes hold of the mic and steps into the role as the new lead singer, you need to know you have some big fucking shoes to fill.

It has been not only an honour but a privilege to write about Daddy Rattlebacks vocal talents. I wish him the best of luck in the future and should he do any other projects; you know I’ll be giving him a spot here on the blog.

Good luck Paul, much love darling.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people on stage

Photo by the very talented Beth Chapell

This live performance hit different. Something about it made me feel like I should feel at a rock and roll show.  Angry, scared and slightly aroused… one can only feel this way in the presence of Jack Cox.

All jokes aside, as no woman feels that way around Coxy, this show was the best one I have ever attended from these rock and roll darlings.

These boys bring something so fresh to the table when it comes to this genre. It’s something so refreshing to see and why I will forever support them in their musical efforts.

These guys put out such insane music recorded and then you see them live and they blow it out of the water. Their live shows are a whole new experience. Guitar smashing, confetti cannons, incredible solos and a crowd who spends their time middle fingers in the air singing along. I know I certainly get involved.


Photo by Jack May

There’s something about being in a room with a ton of people who feels the same as you. You feel that electric moment where you all know what’s going to happen. You all know that you’re about to see something epic.

It’s always interesting seeing people in the crowd that songs were written about, knowingly or unknowingly. We are gunna leave that one there because I’ll be holding on for my life if I go further into that.

What’s next for the band? I don’t know. Am I excited to find out? Yes. Am I slightly nervous… I would be lying if I said I wasn’t. So ladies and jellybeans, if you know a good singer or you are one – hit me up and I’ll pass you on to The Rattlebacks or get in contact with them yourselves.

You can check out the boys out on Spotify here, insta here and Facebook here. They also feature on the reviewed by Kiss of Beth’s playlist on Spotify which you can follow and listen to here

Now let’s get into the interview part of the post. Some of this has been cut out because it’s no longer relevant. I hope you enjoy.

I’m in bold as always. Max is shown as M, Coxy as C and Jack as J. Let’s do this.

Right so welcome back, same pub, one human extra… You have got some new music coming out so I am going to question it… why should people listen to it?

C – Because we are the best band in the past 20 years.

Says who?

C- Says me.

M – We have an attitude that’s been missing for ages. At present, there just isn’t the balls behind music and an attitude that a lot of band’s just don’t have any more.

J – Safe Rock. Music that conforms is hardcore slam, I don’t personally enjoy going to a show knowing I’m going to have a black eye for work the next day. Crowd killing is a bit much for me.

C – You see the bands booked on Download and 85% of them are terrible, there is a lack of young blood. We actually care about what we are trying to achieve and we are trying to achieve being the biggest band in the world.

Why should I come to see your show over say.. a Bloodhounds show?

J – If they were playing the same night, I’d be at their show…

M – We would just cancel the gig, we love you Joey.

C – Oh my god are the Bloodhounds reading…

Why should people come see you over say another band? What makes you different?

J – We have taken a classic formula, added to it and its worked. We aren’t classic rock, we are modern hard rock.

C – Charley hustling on the drums.

Bands you locally recommend? 

M – Two bands that have impressed me, Dirty Shirley, they are just a really cool band. A good hard rock band and also Nice Guy as well. They are more modern sounding but they are just a really good hard rock band, fire cracker of a front man.

C – I love Bloodhounds. I say it a lot. It’s become a bit of a standing joke now. I can’t get away from the fact that they are an incredible band and everyone should listen to them. They have lit the fire beneath us.

Who has the fittest mum?

C – Pab’s mum. She’s a lovely lady and I’ve seen photos of her on Facebook.

So you guys cover some tough issues within your lyrics, explain them please.

M – I’ll take it. Pab’s song, the issues he deals with are a lot deeper and poetic.

C – He paints a real picture

M – Backdrop and Hold On For Your Life is a direct issue and you know exactly what is being spoken about. So Backdrop was an experience at Download 2018 – that was one evening and issue and Hold On For Your Life is one specific red head.

And I ooooopppppp

M – For me is quite tight issues, the music coming up.

C – I have Favourite Song coming up. I had a lot of involvement with the song writing, I have a real attachment to this one. As an only child it’s all about me….

M – Also as an only child… it’s not always all about me…

Also as an only child, its also not all about me… so who is the biggest diva in your band….

J – Coxy

M – Coxy

C – I mean what.. why?

J – you’ve got eyeliner on for an audio interview.

So are you collaborating with anyone soon?

C – funny you should say that… yes.

M – Yes we are…

C – We are going to say this, because I love Joey… We have decided to invite him on an acoustic version of Valvestate

Who are your influences Jack?

J – I’ve always loved music. My dad got me into music at a young age, I could sing by the age of two. My favourite song to this day by AC/DC is Rocker. Yes I did like Guns but then I grew up. The thing that got me into bass was Tool.


And we are going to leave it there for now! I hope you enjoyed this piece and I’ll catch you soon for the next one.

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