Don’t be an ass and meme someone’s looks

Welcome back homies,

Today’s blog was inspired by something that was posted on Facebook. A meme as it were. A meme that wasn’t even close to funny and started an uprising from a ton of women who let the poster know just that.

So this, below, is the apparently “funny” meme


Now, could someone please explain to me why this is funny?

In a world where women are judged and berated for everything they decide to do with their bodies, I just don’t see it.

We wear makeup, we are told we are cat fishing. We don’t wear makeup, we are told we look tired and unwell. We get fillers and we are judged to be plastic and vein, we don’t get fillers and we are clearly judged for the appearance of our skin.

Now let me ask you this dear readers… whose fucking business is it anyway? When will people learn that we do what we want to our bodies because, and I’m going to say this nice and clearly for the misogynists in the back…. WE WANT TOO.

Shocking concept isn’t it? That a woman is out here doing what she likes because it makes her happy! Who knew that could be a thing?!

It’s 2019, how about we try not tearing people down and y’know, support one another?

It honestly disgusts me that we feel the need to mock other people’s looks and choices. Who actually cares? I mean really cares?

Do you think the girl in this meme likes having her face mocked? You know what she still looks like a bad bitch. Those eye brows on fleek and that lip colour be popping. She’s owning her narrative and that’s insanely amazing.

We dress how we want. We do our hair and our faces how we want. We bang who we want. Drink what we want and we do what we want because we don’t care what you think about us. Why should we? We are out here living our best lives and not giving a shit about what you have to say about it.

So my sisters and brothers, rise up. Stand up for people who are mocked because you know what? It isn’t right. It isn’t ok. Call someone out on being an utter biscuit crusted wank puffin.

Why as a society can we not just lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. What does it actually achieve? Why be an utter asshat when you could compliment someone and actually turn their day into something great.

I once had a girl stop me to tell me my hair and dress was beautiful and she wished she could do makeup like me. I almost cried because I was having a really shitty day before that and it’s stayed with me ever since.

Why wouldn’t you want to raise someone up? So I challenge you dear readers, to go and give one stranger a compliment a day. This could be in the wild or on Instagram or whatever but do it.

And next time you wanna post something mean or be a lightly fried ass whale, maybe don’t. There’s enough negativity in the world without you adding to it. Be nice and let’s be out here spreading some more peace and love people.

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