Don’t touch me or anyone else without consent

Welcome back my home slices,

After an incident in a bar a few weeks ago, I thought it was time I covered this on the blog.

In 2019, I shouldn’t have to say this but…


This counts for both men and women. If you don’t know someone; slapping their asses, touching their tits and grabbing them anywhere is simply a big fat twat move.

You have no right to touch my, or anyone else’s, body without permission. There’s this thing called consent you see. If you don’t get a yes, that’s a no my friends. I’m going to say that once more so it really hits home….


A forced yes is still a no, a maybe is still a no and a no, surprisingly is a no.

This is not aimed at one gender. This is not all about men touching women. I have seen (I stepped in) and heard many cases of women grabbing men by their genitalia and stating, no-one will believe you because I’m a woman.

What the actual fuck? Can someone, anyone, explain to me how anyone thinks this is even close to ok?

Let me tell you about what sparked this piece. I was playing pool with my friends when a older gent ran up to me, cuddled me and told me that I was beautiful and, I looked and reminded him of his daughter. I’m not a fan of hugs but I let it slide because he was getting emotional about the love for his daughter. Then the guy SLAPPED MY ASS. You read that right, dear readers. He slapped my ass, the woman who he just told me I reminded him of his daughter. I was taken aback. How he even thought that was close to appropriate is madness to me. That shit wasn’t even a light slap either, that was a full on ass hit.

Just from my own personal memory I’ve had my ass grabbed and slapped, I’ve had my tits grabbed and someone went to slip their hand up my skirt, but that was ok because he was joking.

We need to pull together as a society and call people out who do this. We can’t let people continue to do this over and over, making the people they touch feel so awkward and nervous they are going to get man handled; they end up avoiding going out.

I was having this discussion the other day when the following point was raised….

“It’s just so hard today. In these me too times, we can’t do anything”

Oh really, can’t you? How about you just don’t touch someone with out asking? If you’re on a date or what not “do you mind if I kiss you?” works pretty well.

Consent is sexy my friends. Obtain it and don’t just touch people.

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