New Music Monday – Part one October

Welcome back my home slices,

It’s another new music Monday so you’ll find five tasty new bands to get your teeth into and check out below.

If you want to be on one of the new upcoming music Monday’s, you can reach out to me on my contact page here.

So let’s get into this weeks tasty new tunes!

Not So Righteous

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A Nasty Way To Go

So this isn’t just one song, it’s a whole fucking EP.

If pop punk is your thing, I can guarantee Not So Righteous will be right up your street. I was nervous about it, knowing the lead singer Brett since our teen years, I had high hopes. Luckily this EP fucking slaps and I had nothing to be nervous about.

I’m beyond here for this release. I’ve had it on repeat since it came out. I’ve been blasting it during my work day and while I’m driving around. If you think I haven’t been singing along to it badly, then damn –  you clearly don’t know me.

Am I excited to see what they bring out next? Yes, I fucking am. I’m ready to see these boys live and start throwing my underwear. If they sound as good as they do on these recordings, I am ready to give them their own review and interview on here. So boys, if you’re playing up my ends, you let me know.

I throughly recommend checking out these boys and their EP. It’s certainly one that I will listen too constantly over the coming months, until they give me something new to write about.

5 stars from me.

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You can check out their Facebook here and Instagram here. Also shuffle over to their Spotify here.

Mili & Bertie

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Lie with me

After sliding into my email inbox with this track, I was instantly stuck on this song. It’s not my usual kinda thing but something about the way these two voices blend together just works so perfectly for me.

Clearly both very talented singers, this song makes you think of a long lost love that you meet on a rainy night and kiss under the stars. It’s simply beautiful. You can feel the passion and feelings in this song. Also Millie, honey, those Xinta style notes you’re throwing out there I am living for.

I look forward to reviewing these guys live on the blog. So Millie & Bertie, hit me up with the date of  your next show.

You can check out their Facebook here and Instagram here. Also shuffle over to their Spotify here.

Alex Walker

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Banner Girl 

Another blast from my personal past, Alex recorded and released Banner Girl slightly earlier this year.

You can really feel the passion in every note he sings and every note played. It’s raw. It’s to the bone. It’s heart felt. You feel that within Alex’s music.

Am I excited to see what else he releases? I certainly am. I’m excited to see this artist excel and grow with every future song he releases. I’m extremely proud of Alex for following his musical dreams and will continue to support him on the blog.

You can check out his Facebook here, and Instagram here. Also shuffle over to his Spotify here.

A New Hope

Purple Drank

Someone else who I know in my actual life, we now cover the band my tattoo artist JME does something or other in.

This release is straight up my street. The pop punk feeling makes my little heart happy inside. This is something that I would be front and centre for at a show, likely drunk and throwing my hair about which is unheard of from me at a show. I’m that sour bitch at the back.

The cover art is also incredibly tasty. I love me a good piece of cover art.

I’m actually excited to see what else these guys have to offer. I’m excited to see these guys live. You know this is the kinda shit I am obsessed with.

I’m not going to lie, this song is catchy. Three listens in and I’m so close to singing I’M DRUNK AND IT’S 4 AMMMMMMM. Five more listens and you know I’m going to know the words like the back of my hand. God damn, they give me NFG vibes. I’m sat here like, do I bang Sonny on now?

Now, A New Hope, give me an EP. I’ve heard the single. I like it. I’m here for it. Give me the fucking EP now.

You can check out their Facebook here and Instagram here. Also shuffle over to their Spotify here.

Solve The Nodus

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The personal friends are coming in hot on this piece. Lead singer Dan has been a ball of energy in my life for years now.

So let’s talk about Demons. A slightly heavier release from the boys that threw out By My Side. Total side note, when you see me at a Nodus show, I will forever heckle them to play By My Side.

For me this song is an interesting look at mental health and the inner “demons” we are unable to see. If you give the lyrics a good listen, you’ll hear the strong theme running through the entire song. It’s nice to see a band tackle such a subject.

Mixing and blending rap and metal, Demons is something completely new for this band and it actually works on a level I didn’t think it would.

These boys are playing here, there and everywhere so it’s worth going along to a show. Worth it to see drummer Luke’s drum faces TBH.

You can check out their Facebook here, Instagram here and Twitter here. Also shuffle over to their Spotify here. Check out the video for Demons here

As always, these bands will be added to the Kiss of Beth’s discovered playlist which you can check out here.


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