The 2010’s. BethFace from Myspace to Kiss of Beth’s.

Welcome back home slices.

With the end of another decade upon us, heading into the roaring twenties take two; I thought it would be nice to take a look over the past 10 years. So let’s take a walk down memory lane, from baby 18 year old Beth, to this boss ass bitch at 28 that stands here today.

You are warned, there are going to be photos of me over the past ten years. Most will be terrible.

So let’s take you to baby 18 year old Beth. Myspace for life was my life. I was working at Sainsbury’s as a customer service assistant. I spend the hours I wasn’t working in the pub, whiling my monthly salary away on bottles of Jaques cider and apple sours. I had no idea what direction my life was going in. It was all about being numb enough not to care.

No photo description available.

Morning after my 18th birthday. Note the lack of tattoos.

Who knew ten years later I would be tattooed to fuck, working in an amazing company and running this blog. This is a point I never thought I’d reach at the tender age of 18.

People have come and gone within this decade. The young friends I spent hours with some what faded, replaced with friendship soulmates who I can chat with over coffee. My long standing childhood friends have only become closer. I’m lucky that my chosen tribe have stuck around with all the highs and lows of my mental health rollercoaster and all the utter shit I put them through.


My heart broke over the loss of friends and family alike. The loss of both of my Grandmother’s and most recently the loss of my Grandfather affected me. I was always close with them, especially with my Grandfather.

The loss of my good friends Ryan Carney and Steve Kelsey were my first taste of loss of people outside of the family. I cannot do either of these guys justice with my words alone. I will simply say they were both some of the nicest, loving, argumentative and pain in the arse humans I ever had the pleasure of having in my life.


My working life over the past decade has been, confusing… at best. Starting at Sainsburys, as the supreme customer service wench. Not wanting to get my 5 year service badge, I took the first thing offered to me.

I went to the bar behind the Links, in Liphook. The bar then took me to the kitchen, where I worked out I didn’t suck at this whole cheffing thing. I stayed there for as long as I could, but a heartbreak left me unable to step back into that kitchen.

If you want to check out the Links you can here and their Instagram here.


I then moved form The Links to Hemmingways in Haslemere. I loved this place with all my heart. I stayed for six months before moving to The Hen House. From there I moved to Tudor Antiques / Fahrenheit 55 (now Alley Bar) in Guildford. This was some of the most fun working I ever had. If you’re ever in Guildford, I would recommend checking these two bars out. You wont regret it.

You can check out the Tudor Antiques here and The Alley Bar here.


From here, I took a jump into the IT world. I started my career at Memset. This sparked my love for IT.  I never thought I would fall in love with IT and hosting. I found everything so interesting. As an Account Manager for the company I developed and grew in a way that even I didn’t think possible for my little dumb self. I will always be thankful for the time I spent in this company and the opportunities they provided me with.

You can check out Memset for all your hosting needs, here.

ePayMe, even though I was there for just a few months, this company made me feel so at home. If you’re a recruiter needing umbrella payment hit these guys up; they will look after you.

You can check out ePayMe here.

11261927_10205951427920750_5200968917746627747_n (1)

Perforce is my current home. I’ve been there for 8 months now and this place is where I can see my next ten years being spent. My heart is truly with this company and everything they stand for. It feels like I’ve joined not just a company but a family. I don’t resent getting up and going to work, I enjoy going and doing my job. I even get high fives if I turn up before 10am! I’m going to stop gushing about this place, but trust me, I feel home.

You can check out Perforce and all they do here .


Over the past decade I gave up drums, regretted it, picked it back up and got dragged into the punk band I currently play with. These guys believed in me when I didn’t.

We have played some amazing gigs this year. The most memorable being our gig at The White Hart in Basingstoke. Why was this the most memorable I hear you ask? My Grandfather Rodney passed away an hour before sound check. My band, the other bands and the host were all very kind and sweet to me. I played with black sticks and played for my Grandfather. I was also incredibly whisky drunk. Having a full pub shouting my Grandfathers name in his memory is something I will never ever forget and meant the world to me.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing more from us next year. If punk is your thing, come check us out!

You can check out our demo on soundcloud, here.


I can’t really write a decade piece without mentioning this blog really can I!

In 2018, I started this blog. I started writing for me and you all started reading it. It’s been quite the wild ride. Starting from that first body confidence piece to this point, my writing and my blog has developed.

I never planned anything to come from this blog. I never thought I’d carry it on, thought it was only a one piece pony… Here I am over 100 pieces later and I am so proud of myself.

You’re all so awesome for sticking with me and reading the shit I write.

I’m so lucky for the people I’ve met through the blog. I’ve been very lucky with the opportunities it’s given me and I wouldn’t change a second of it for the world!


So now its time for the big announcement

After some intense discussions and many documents; I have agreed to work with The Rattlebacks as their manager. Thats right bitches, I now manage my favourite rock and roll angels.

What does this mean? I will be the one helping them push forward as a band and I’ll be the one doing whats fucking best for them.

They wanted this little hurricane and they got it. I’m excited to dedicate my spare time to them and helping them achieve their goals.

The beautiful thing about this is I met these boys via writing this blog. The fact they have asked me to do this job / work with them is a huge honour and I don’t take it lightly.

In light of this new partnership and worth a mention, they are currently looking for a new singer. Check out their music on Spotify here and if you’re interested drop me a message on my contact page or to


Thanks for sticking with me over the past decade if you know me personally.

Thanks for sticking with the blog if you know me through that.

Have a most wonderful 2020  my darlings.

I’ll see you bright and early in January (aka now) with some fresh new content. Watch out for 2020 because things are happening.

Love you always,

Beth X



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