The Crooked 45 at Beyond The Download, Wokingham

Welcome back music lovers.

Tonight we are reviewing The Crooked 45 who played a release show at Beyond The Download in Wokingham. The Crooked 45 were presented this evening by Jamma Music.

I’ll start by talking about Jamma Music. Jamma Music is a new platform that connects artists and bands. It’s helps them find gigs and find other bands / artists to collaborate with. You can sign up as an artist / band / venue / manager here. Knowing the Jamma team personally, their passion for this industry is unmatched.

Jamma Music are presenting their 331 launch event. This is three gigs. One night. This independent blogger will be at all three gigs. This is on the 1/2/2020 in Wokingham. Come hang out with me and see some banging live music. You can by your tickets for the evening here.

You can check them out on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Now let’s talk about the venue. Beyond The Download is a sick music shop in Wokingham that puts on live music. They are DIY music store who are bringing the old school vibe. This small but fierce store gives an intimate and intense setting. You’re close to everyone, everyone is feeling the same electricity as you.

This place is honestly cool as fuck. I can’t wait to potter in here when it’s pulled back to its usual shop like uniformity and pick me up some tasty vinyl treats.

You can check them out on Facebook here, their website here and Instagram here.

Now let’s talk about The Crooked 45.

This show was in aid of a new single release from the band. You can pick it up for free on their website, which is linked at the bottom of this piece.

Let’s start with the one thing we all know I am over critical of anytime I review a band. The drummer. The percussion. The beat keeper. First out on stage, situated behind a quite frankly stunning ruby red kit with glitter running through as a finish, drummer Sam didn’t let me down. This gent clearly has some talent when it comes to percussion. I’d be interested to hear more of his work. Keeping time perfectly, if he dropped a beat, dropped a kick or a snare hit – I did not notice; nor did I care.

Moving on, this three piece band owned the stage like they were playing the headline slot at Download. These boys bring a brand of DIY punk back to the scene that I haven’t come across since starting this blog, bar my own band. The talent and energy from these three is evident. They have certainly gained a fan in this overly critical blogger. Understandably, they are a band that I will be keeping a close eye on.

I need to talk about the vocals. Strong and intense you can’t help but be sucked in. You want to hear more and you certainly need it. He gives me Deaf Havana, Godsmack and heavier Nothing More vibes. You know what, it gets my musical dick hard.

Their vibe and their music is straight up my street. So up my street in fact they have built their own house in 24 hours. I would be interested to see The Crooked 45 in a line up with the Bloodhounds and The Rattlebacks. I feel The Crooked 45 could shake even these rock and roll powerhouses boots.

Now guitar. Well, after knowing Mr Harris for a few months now. I didn’t realise he was so talented when it came to playing the guitar. It was a delight to see him enjoying himself on stage.

Throwing me a little by surprise, they pulled out a quite spectacular Brand New Cadillac by The Clash cover. This is something I don’t get to hear often. A decent band covering a hell of a Clash tune. Listening to some clash, in a record store – nothing seems to suit these punk AF petals more.

Now give me that album boys so I can review it.

You can check them out on Facebook here, Instagram here, Spotify here and check out their website here. They have of course been added to the Kiss Of Beth’s reviewed playlist which you can check out here.

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