Let’s talk about Jen Jones

Welcome back home slices,

In the first of my series of Inspiring Women posts, Jen Jones takes centre stage as one of the most bad ass, incredible singers I’ve ever had the pleasure of having in my ear holes.

If you haven’t heard this stunners voice then you need to sort it out right now. Her song So Sick has straight up changed my life.

Have you ever had a song touch your soul? That makes a whole different part of you raise up and go hello, I’m here. That’s what So Sick does for me. It raises this utter bad bitch out of me. It fills me with this power, a feeling that I can do anything. This song inspires me to be the best and baddest version of myself.

I am regularly caught windows down and system up singing this on repeat on my way to work. I listen on repeat while doing my makeup for the day. Jen Jones makes me feel strong. What ever power she is channeling it goes straight into me and makes me a stronger more confident person. This is the song that I put on before big business moments at work. My head goes up, my shoulder go back and I do what I gotta do in my job.

If Jen Jones ever plays the UK, you can expect me front and centre singing along. You can expect me buying several tickets just to drag my friends to witness the utter GODDESS that is Jen Jones.  So Jen, doll, this is my official request to come do a UK show or several, please and thank you.

I don’t think I could big this incredible artist up enough. My vast vocabulary doesn’t quite cover the true power this woman makes me feel. That’s why I have chosen her as the first subject of these pieces.

Not only is Jen Jones an insane singer, she is out here building a skin care brand. It’s a coffee infused skin care range developed for everyone. The whole point is so the user feels amazing in their skin. You can follow her brand here.

I straight up took my shot with Jen Jones on Instagram and asked her if I could interview her. Turns out my luck was in and she agreed to answer a few questions. If you think that I didn’t do an excited dance and maybe a little bit of a cry when she agreed…

So below find the interview with the marvellous Jen Jones. I’m in bold as always because I am a bold bitch Jen is represented with a J.

1 – Who influences you? Who inspired you?

J: My influences in music would start with my father. He raised me around a lot of different genres . Doo-wop, reggae, blues, mo-town. He would always play music and make mix tapes. I would say my influences as far as known artist are among The Temptations,The Whispers, any type of Doo-wop strongly influences me like The Penguins “Earth Angel”, Peggy Lee is one of my favourites, Amy Winehouse, Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin. So basically every artist that is already deceased, which is pretty strange to think about. But it makes sense because the music that they would sing had meaning, it would make my eyes tear and my heart flutter.


2 – What have you got planned for 2020?

J: 2020 is speaking to my soul this year! Last year I had my first small taste of success with “So Sick”. It got over 100k streams and I am an unsigned artist. I even had people come up and say “Are you Jen Jones?” That was pretty cool but I care more about writing good music that can change peoples moods or day then the fame. I just want to write and sing songs that empower people. I write all of my own lyrics, so what I sing is my truth. In 2020 I want to focus on my raw side. My voice is very raw and raspy and I want to showcase that side of my voice without distractions. I do not care what music is “the wave” or cool just to make money. I create my own wave and am happy people as yourself are taking notice and appreciating what I bring to the table. All music should be different not sound the same. We are all different…..nobody sounds the same. Every voice is unique, so that is what music should be. Unique, empowering and different


3 – Any plans for a UK tour?

J: Shit SIGN ME UP!!!!


4 – What does music mean to you?

J: Music is my guidance. I can literally sit home for hours and hours without tv and just listen to music. I can remember being seventeen, driving around Connecticut and so excited about my first doo-wop cd! “Oh yes, I’m the great pretender” one of my favorites. Music comes so natural to me that I swear I am an old soul thats been recreated in the now. I get lost in my thoughts when listening to Carla Bruni as I cook. I picture myself being a female Johnny Cash some days, but I am not that good at guitar (yet). I sometimes see myself on stage in an underground bar wearing a velvet dress with a high slit, sipping on a dirty martini, hair freshly curled singing into a vintage microphone as the crowd whistles. See…..music is a story. It opens my imagination and makes people forget about all the bad things if just for a moment. So I try to create a story for my fans and listeners to get lost in. If just for 3 long minutes…….


5 – What is your greatest musical achievement to date?

J: My greatest achievement you would think would be finally making money off of the success of “So Sick”! And how well its doing but my greatest achievement is never losing myself and my way of doing music. To have people contact me and say I inspire them and I helped them get through their day happens more often then I expected. I honestly never expected that at all but I tear up every time. I am truly living my purpose. This industry is very hard to stay focused and remember why you started but as soon as someone says “your song inspires me”, then I keep going!

You can check Jen Jones out on Spotify here and her Insta is here. Of course she has been added to the Reviewed by Kiss of Beth’s play list which you can find here.


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