100 Watt Club, A Live Review

Welcome back, readers!

Have I stuck to the posting schedule that I outlined in my return post, fuck no I didn’t. Will I stick to it now I am writing this review? Fuck no, but I’ll try my best. Ya girl has been out here working on her trauma, ensuring that she’s happy, healthy, surviving and fucking thriving. I thought it was about time I reviewed something and put it online because you all read Kiss Of Beth’s for the reviews right? Not for my clear mental breakdowns in posts.

So here we go, this time we are reviewing 100 Watt Club. A badass bunch of huns, who take burlesque and do it better. I am reviewing them at their show in Alton. My partner is working as a waiter at this show, so not only does he have to bring me drinks at home… he now has to do it here too. I’ve taken my seat hidden at the back so I can write things in my handy dandy notebook so I’m not ruining the show for everyone by taking notes on my phone.

First of all, I recommend you go follow 100 Watt Club on everything. You can follow them on Facebook here, Twitter here, Insta here and check out their website here. They tour all across the country so there will be a show near you soon, promise!

What and who is 100 Watt Club I hear you cry! Since 2010, the incredible and awe-inspiring Lena Lenman has been hand-picking the finest acts, meaning that you wont see the same show twice. Not only do they do amazing live shows, but they do also live drawing shows, theatre productions, and even workshops. Is there nothing 100 Watt Club can’t do?

So who is on the lineup for tonight? We have acts from Amazi, Kitty Cassis, Lena Lenman, Mahatma Khandi, and Athena Beauvoir. I’ll review each performer, give you their insta and then review the night as a whole. So let’s get into it!

So each act has two performances during the show bar the host for the evening, I have reviewed both under their heading just for ease.

We have to start by shouting out a couple of people, Justine who mans the door. This woman is a bad bitch and is one of the most lovely humans you will ever come across. Keep an eye out for her at a show, you’ll know who she is. Next is The Lounge Bar team, these guys worked tirelessly over the evening serving drinks, doing sound, and bartending. Polite reminder, don’t be a dick to your waiter. Seriously, if you find it appropriate to talk down to someone because you’re sitting and they are bringing you a drink, just stay in the house… it’s then a nicer experience for everyone because no one wants to hear your drivel.

Next a small moan, a small moan that is actually a really big fucking irritation for me. Shut the fuck up during people’s performances, your conversation is not more important than what is going on up on the stage. We have all paid money to be here, to watch some incredible performers do what they do. To be honest Sandra, I could give a shit if you have had a few too many proseccos. Just shut the fuck up, it’s not all about you.

So let’s get into it shall we?

As the crowd shows up, it’s clear you’re no longer in Kanas, Dorothy. The effort put into outfits is unseen at the usual gigs I frequent. From 1920’s glamour, full burlesque drag, and steampunk beauty; you’ll find every type of dress sense here. There is a clear and dedicated 100 Watt regular fan club and it’s understandable why. It’s somewhat of a cult following and it’s completely iconic. Collecting fans since their creation in 2010, it’s understandable why the core few turn up so early to grab the coveted front-row seats.


Follow on Insta, here.

Act One

Amazi comes out an utter vision in pink. Performing to the utter classic Head’s Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. I have no idea how one person can be so talented with a hula hoop when my fat ass struggles to even use the weighted one I bought. Then this incredible talent drops into the splits and continues to do tricks and bits. In the splits. Tricks in the splits. That is some hand-eye coordination that I could only dream of. Then out of nowhere, this hun has 4 hula hoops. 4. Fucking. Hula. Hoops. Someone explain to me how you know you can do this stuff? How do you find this is a talent? Someone explain. I’m really excited to see what is presented in act two!

Act Two

Ok so why are there like 20 hula-hoops on stage, what’s that for… she’s not going to use those all at once is she? I’m interested. This second act is performed to Donna Summers, Hot Stuff. Which is an instant classic hit in my books. I really don’t understand how Amazi is able to move her body like that, whilst controlling so many hoops. Like that really is pure talent. Throw tricks and spins, and the act ends with Amazi hooping like 20 hoops at one time. It really does have to be seen to be believed.

Kitty Cassis

Follow on Insta, here.

Kitty, our host for the evening and keeping the party going during sets, was fucking incredible. This woman hit every mark, every pointer, and had us all holding our sides to stop them from splitting. Dressed as the love child of Kat Slater and Pat Butcher (you know animal print and makeup that you could see from space), Kitty seemed as if she would fit right at home in the drama-filled Queen Vic. Certainly an act I’ll be keeping a close eye on in the future.

Treating us to cover after hilarious cover, Kitty had the crowd in the palm of her hand within minutes of walking on stage. It takes a really talented and skilled performer to keep pulling the audience in time and time again but holy fuck, Kitty has this down to a fine art. I have also now been presented with a wonderful new term for vag… HIPPO HOOF.

I would suggest following Kitty and booking her for your event or checking out a show, because I for one dear reader, know this isn’t the last time Kitty is going to end up on this here blog.

Lena Lenman

Follow on Insta, here.

Running into Lena before the show (having to drop off Gabs to work at the venue meant I was there three fucking hours early) I can confirm, I am in awe of this woman. There are few people I meet who leave me genuinely shell-shocked with their incredible personality and aura. Lena is one of these people, so beautiful that you want to hate her; so genuinely lovely that you couldn’t even if you tried.

Act One

Coming out and breaking her shoe almost instantly, Lena portrays your unbothered and unarsed standard tacky titty bar stripper… whilst eating her packed lunch. In Lena’s defense, the whole crowd thought that the shoe was part of the act and had us all giggling. Definition of get it wrong, keep it strong. Even with a broken shoe, Lena delivered a wonderful in character performance. Pretending she had been pulled in last minute but needed to eat her lunch, the strip tease also features a very well-made sandwich, a chocolate bar and a very large bag of frazzles poured over Lena flash dance style. I would adore knowing how Lena comes up with these ideas because it was fucking hilarious. I cannot wait to see what she pulls out in the next act because you know it’s going to be amazing.

Act Two

Holy Shit. When I said I was excited to see what Lena pulled out in act two, I wasn’t fucking expecting this. I was floored. When you go see burlesque you have a pre-conceived notion of what you’re about to see. Lena removed this and served us beauty in an incredible full curtain? dress. Expecting a reveal, what we were treated to was so much better. A beautiful full-body fan dress performance is what we received. I had to put my notepad down and just experience what I was watching. I am in awe. What an incredible and inspiring piece of art. That’s what this is, it’s art. Get Lena into the Tate because with this piece, that’s where she belongs.

Mahatma Khandi

Follow on Insta, here.

Act One

An icon walking out of the back of the crowd in a full nun get-up, I was ready to be wow’d by the talent of Mahatma Khandi. Having run across this performer’s insta a few times, I was ready to lap up what was offered to me. First of which was a Sister Act lip sync. Now anyone who knows me will know I am a sucker for Sister Act 1 & 2, so I was already dead and singing along. What I wasn’t ready for was the reveal (a fucking amazing neon light-up body suit, which I personally need 6 of) and song change to the iconic anthem Believe by Cher. You can fucking bet my grumpy ass was singing along alone in the back row. I fucking loved the energy Mahatma Khandi showed up with and couldn’t wait to see what act two presented me with.

Act Two

If I said what would be the best song to lip sync to this evening, it wouldn’t have been the Vanessa Carlton banger, A Thousand Miles.. however, I was instantly proved wrong. The hilarity Khandi brings to the stage wasn’t something I expected, taking this piece to a new level, I was singing along and snort laughing in my little back row. The audience is fully invested and involved and without having to say a single word, the audience belongs to this incredible performer. Another performer I have no doubts I’ll review on here again.

Athena Beauvoir

Follow on Insta, here.

Act One

Opening up our show as the first act, Athena brings instant class to the stage with a number consisting of two James Bond themes. Dressed and gilded in gold, each layer carefully and playfully removed to show a diamond and chiffon number. The ease and beauty of this woman escapes me, if I tried that I would end up on the floor like a drunkenly dropped kebab on a night out. Athena wouldn’t look out of place in 1940s Hollywood and I for one cannot see what else she will bring to the table this evening.

Act Two

Outcomes Athena in a stunning royal blue moment with some huge and elegant feather fans. No chicken feathers here baby, Athena oozes class and glamour. Bejeweled to the gods, the light just hits her perfectly. Treating us to some classic and beautiful burlesque, she has the audience captivated with her smooth moves and curves. There really is something quite beautiful about slowly taking gloves off, I have no idea how someone can look so beautiful simply taking off gloves. Athena, if you would like to give me any tips they would be greatly received!

Night as an overall? Let’s get into it.

Honestly amazing, I fucking rate 100 Watt Club. If you fancy a night where you have no idea what you’re going to get, you can go alone or hang out with some of your favorite people; book your tickets now. I can promise you’ll have a cracking night and it’s super fun to take your partner for date night. I love taking Gabs because of how awkward he looks when he sees someone being even remotely sexy that isn’t me. You get a wide and varied supply of incredible talent and tickets are reasonable as fuck. Crack on and book it up!

5 stars from me!

Until next time fuckers, love ya!

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