Girls, your body is fine, societies opinion is shit.

Howdy, thanks for returning.

Today I am looking at the billboard in Times Square promoting appetite suppressing lollies to women.

If you haven’t seen it, here you go;


First of all, hunger is your bodies way of saying it needs to have some fuel added, just like your car. Hunger is the petrol light of the human body. Suppressing your hunger is just not healthy.

Marketing these lollies to women, who are told everyday that the only acceptable look in this society is skinny, to potentially give them the body society deems acceptable is unacceptable and dangerous. Being skinny is not more important that your health and your survival.

As a society, women are taught to believe that they are only worth the amount they weigh. The more you weigh, the less you’re worth. This is complete bullshit. As long as your healthy and looking after yourself, what does it matter what size you are? Beauty comes in every size. Im not even close to a size two/four/six/eight/ten/twelve, but hell I still have people sliding into my DM’s wanting a slice of this pizza pie. I still have a husband who dotes on me and loves how I look.

Doing some research into this, there is a strong link between abuse of appetite suppressants and eating disorders. People try and make them look the way society demands and end up obsessing and making themselves sick.

Girl, you don’t need appetite suppressing lollies, tea, coffee, tablets or anything. You are perfect the way you are, from size 30 to size 2, your worth is not measured in  your size but who you are as a person and how you treat people in this world. Society has trained us to believe our weight is our worth but let me tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE GREAT AND YOU ARE FUCKING WORTH IT.

Our daughters and sons shouldn’t be brought up in a world in which your appearance is the only thing that matters. Intelligence, grace, honesty, compassion, humour, integrity is what we should be teaching the girls and boys of this world, not if you have some belly you aren’t worth shit.

Tess Holliday has started a petition to have this billboard taken down, you can sign this here;



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