Here’s some songs to glow your day up!

Welcome back.

Now I for one know, that one song can change my whole day or mood. So  I have put together a list of songs to glow your day up, turn that mood right on around and put that smile on your face. I mean the ones below always work for me!

Good As Hell – Lizzo 

Now for me, when I am feeling low this song pumps me up every damn time, because you know what I am feeling good as hell. I will hair toss and check my nails, couz baby how am I feeling… the answer is good as hell. This is a great one to listen to when someone breaks your heart, because it helps remind you that you are the shit and you dont need them in your life.


Sorry not sorry – Demi Lovato

Now the sass from Demi in this is the shit. This one I bang on when I am feeling myself and I have a big day ahead, say if I have meetings or a huge pitch or what not. This song raises my sass levels to 100% when I am heading into my work day because being a girl in business is hard.  I do what I got to do to make my shit work… Sorry not sorry!


She Loves Control – Camila Cabello

This is my go to song when I need to get shit done and need to control my stress levels. Some of the lyrics go “She love’s control, she want’s it her way” and your damn skippy. When I am pulling my shit together this is my fucking jammmm. Just listen to it, you’ll get what I mean – the vibes man, the vibes.


Porcelain and The Tramps – King Of The World

Now Porcelain and The Tramps have been getting me through since I was like 17 and my girl Tash in college showed me all their beaut music. It was a tough choice to pick just one song but I had to pick this bad boy. I usually put this tune on when I am about to do something big, to remind myself that I am the king of the world and the world should get on it’s knees to bow to me. Now the singer Porcelain Black has been an idol of mine for so long and all her music gets me so hype man!


Crown – Camila Cabello and Grey 

Girl, I swear Camila can do no wrong. When I am getting tired at work this beaut gets banged on and it reminds me what I am working for. It reminds me that I am running for my kingdom and my crown. Plus this song is from the film Bright which I seriously recommend – check it out on Netflix!


Katy Rose – Keeping IT Together 

Now this is another beauty introduced to me by Tash in my college years. There is no particular time for this one, I bang it on at all times. Just give it a crack.


Part Of Me – Katy Perry 

Now you bang this bad boy on when you feel low and you’re having a shite day, remind yourself they can’t take every part of you.


Women – Kesha

This song I listen to every fucking day, and why, because I am a mother fucking woman. This song is out here reminding us that we are powerful beings and can handle our own shit. We don’t need anyone else because we run our shit, we sometimes need to be reminded of that.


One Women Army – Porcelain Black

It’s Porcelain baby! She’s back on this list because of this tune. One Women Army is banged on when I’m smashing my shit on and I need to remind myself that I am a force to be reckoned with. I’ll cut down emails and meetings because I’m the shit and this song helps me remember that.

Sissy That Walk – RuPaul

Well, what can I say about Sissy That Walk! This goes on when someone has made irked or sad purely for the line “Unless they are paying your bills, pay those bitches no mind.” and this is something I now try and live by. Why should I pay attention to people who don’t actually mean anything to me and my flow.


Wild Thoughts – DJ Khaled and Rihanna

First of all how can listening to the line ” I know you wanna see me nakey nakey naked” ever leave you in a bad mood? The answer is it can’t simply. This has been my jam for a little while and I will bang it on in a good or bad mood because actually this one makes me wanna have a little wiggle, which I seem to do a lot.


Can’t Hold Us Down – Christina Aguilera and Lil Kim

OH HONEY. THIS SONG THOUGH. This is one for the girls, when a dude gets up on you for simply for being a girl, this is when this banger goes on. Just because I have a vagina honey does not mean my opinion is less valid. I’m just going to play this loud enough you can hear it out my headphones Barry, you getting the hint?


Now or Never – Blair St. Clair 

Ok, so Blair is straight out of Drag Race season 10 and this song. This song is played every morning while I am doing that beat. It reminds me to grab my life by the balls because it’s now or never. We can’t live our whole lives behind screens, when need to get out and chase our shit, turn our tides and live our lives how we bloody well want too.

and to finish up….

Toy – Netta

First of all, Netta makes chicken noises and thats cool as hell, she also smashed out Eurovision this year. It’s a total banger with a great message, you aren’t a toy and there is chicken noises. I’m going to keep talking about the chicken noises because they actually make me so happy. This song has such has a awesome message, i’m beautiful, off you pop  society; referenced to as a “modern time preacher” – with your opinions… and chicken noises.


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