My Top 7 Drag Race Drag Queens!

Welcome back.

In my excitement for Drag Con on the 18th, I have put together a list of my top 7 Drag Race Drag Queens and why I love them so damn much! Please note I will be doing a full review of Drag World after I have attended – so I hope you’re all looking forward to that!



7. Alyssa Edwards

Real name: Justin Johnson

Season: 5

Reasons I love Alysaa: From tongue popping to turning looks – Alyssa always brought it to the runway making nations fall in love with her. Her camera dress slayed me and that return to the season, yes boo.


Jinkx Monsoon

6. Jinx Monsoon

Real name: Jerick Hoffer

Season: 5

Reasons I love Jinx: Water off a duck’s back. Being the outsider Jinx came in and stole the win on her season. Jinx is stunting pretty henny, look at the photo I banged above – just look at it that corset, damn honey.



5. Blair St. Clair

Real name: Andrew Bryson

Season: 10

Reasons I love Blair: Her album. Her face. The look’s she serves. Blair’s ascetic. Basically, everything Blair. Her recently released song “Now or Never” has kinda of become my jam before doing anything big – it’s linked in my last glow up your day with music post.



4. Bianca Del Rio

Real name: Roy Haylock

Season: 6

Reasons I love Bianca: Bianca has the best damn wit ever.  Plus Bianca has brought the world Hurricane Bianca One and Two, which wasn’t the film we wanted, it was the film we NEEDED. Plus Bianca can stitch, the dresses are incredible. Bianca’s make up wipes are also the shit and they are the best damn wipes I have ever used.

You can buy it here;



3. Katya Zamolodchikova

Real name: Brian McCook

Season: 7

Reasons I love Katya: Katya’s humour, all about Katya’s humour. The way Katya bounces and interacts with others is amazing. Plus the honesty about all the struggles Katya has been through and goes through is honestly inspiring.


adore delano

2. Adore Delano

Real name: Daniel Noriega

Season: 6

Reasons I love Adore: Because Adore brings this beautiful personality and sparkle and her voice honey. Adore’s song “I adore you” is my jam for when I am in a crappy mood with someone I love. I listened to it so hard I even got the song name tattooed on me, cheeky side boob tattoo, I’ve banged a photo underneath – close enough there is no side boob… soz.


Also let’s discuss Adore’s make up skills, check out Adore’s insta – the skill is insane. I honestly try and recreate the art on my face- I just can’t quite do it as well… one day, one day.


ginger minj.jpg

1. Ginger Minj 

Real name: Joshua Eads-Brown

Season: 7

Fav quote: “I about flooded my basement”

Reasons I love Ginger: Ginger is my spirit animal. Seriously, watching her on Drag Race actually changed my life. I have never felt so connected with someone I have never met. I honestly cannot describe how excited I am to meet this angel at Drag World. I might even cry, I am honestly that excited.

Ginger, without ever speaking to me, via the medium of TV taught me it’s ok to be a chunky gal and be who I be and I don’t need to please anyone. And that make up honey, oh that make up. I would happily sit with Ginger for hours and hours and just learn make up tips.

Plus we need to talk about how adorbs Ginger looked at her wedding at Drag Con. If you haven’t see the photos – have a google or I’ll pop one below;


Seriously, so adorable! From the bottom of my heart I hope Ginger and CJ have a long and happy marriage, eurgh they are honestly the cutest and goals beyond belief.


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