Guys reveal how they really feel about makeup, a response.

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Recently a well followed page on Facebook Lost Pinup posted an article called “Guys reveal how they really feel about makeup” which was always going to be a subject that will cause controversy.  They took comments from reddit. This is all based around reddit comments, just so you’re aware.

You can read that article here;

Let’s look at a few of the comment’s in the article shall we!

User “pinesftw.” “Black eyeliner is a staple of any girl’s makeup. Except for redheads. It looks ridiculous on redheads.”

Erm, what? I know several red head who slay that black eyeliner game and would disagree with you strongly that they own the eyeliner game and don’t look in the slightest ridiculous and weirdly they don’t wear that black eyeliner to impress you or try and tempt you.

COOL. Again, we don’t wear make up for  you, or to impress you. We wear it for us and to impress ourselves. Ideally none at all, ideally for you maybe, for me I am gunna bang my Fenty foundation on, use my Too Faced Festival palette to give me some sparkle on my eyes and hit my lips with my Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip, that’s ideal for me.

As expected the women of the internet rose up and pretty much in unison roared “WE SIMPLY DON’T GIVE A FUCK. WE DON’T WEAR MAKEUP FOR YOU, WE WEAR IT FOR US


Let’s just start with the fact I look fierce as fuck with or without makeup. I do not get up and get my beat on point because I’m trying to snare a dude with my on fleek eye brows. No, I get up and do my face because it makes me feel good, it’s a good start to my day and it makes me feel confident af.

If I post a photo on Insta, with or without make up I still have dudes up in my DM’s wanting to eat my ass like a cupcake. So what does it matter? My confidence shines through either way, so why do we need to post about what dude’s think about make up?

Now, in my irritated state, I did comment on this post when it went live and lord, you cannot be a girl with an opinion on something you do to your face. I’m going to address three of the comments I received for simply having an opinion, on my face and the things I do to my face.

“this chick looks like she uses a can of black spray paint and trowels on red frosting. 😂😂 she couldn’t give a skeleton a boner”

This is coming from a dude that has kebabs as his profile picture. Yup, sure boo. I’m pretty sure shortly after posting that you were creeping through my profile pictures so don’t come for me and how about the dudes I’ve dated? Pretty sure they weren’t skeletons and they were into it. Also, where does one buy black spray paint for eyes, that would save me so much time. I’m into it. You should develop and patent that, you’d be rich. Develop a foundation, contour, powder combo too!

“yup … ego and vanity ” mirror mirror on the wall.. who’s the fairest of them all ?” ;-)},..”

I am the damn fairest of my mirror bitch, same as everyone who makes the choice to put on makeup or not, is. Who are you to judge if my makeup choices is ego or vanity? I haven’t done this glitter fantastic sparkle beauty on my eyes to impress you Kenneth. I’ve done it because I bloody love glitter.

“All I’m hearing with this is I have a big ego and a busted face and because guys probably can guess that by the amount of makeup I wear I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s not to make myself look better for dudes. Gtfoh”

You may not like my busted face honey and my big ego, yet boys like you still end up in my DM’s, sending me dick pics and begging me to give them some of my time. I DON’T wear make up for you. I DON’T put make up on to impress men. What are you not understanding there Chad? I DONT TRY AND IMPRESS DUDES WITH MY MAKEUP, MY SPARKLING FUCKING PERSONALITY DOES IT FOR ME.

So everyone of the world who wears make up, rise up and shout, we simply do not give a flying fuck about what others think of our makeup, we do it for us. We put this art on our faces because we want too and because we can. Stop judging us for our choices because we do not give a fuck.

Also make your minds up, we don’t wear make up, you tell us we look ill, we look tired, we look like we haven’t made an effort. Oh wow, shut up. We wear make up we look like whores, like we aren’t natural enough, like we are wearing makeup. No shit.

Basically. Shut up. We look fierce with or without as I prove below. Leave us alone. we don’t care.

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