Dave McPherson and support acts at the Central Studio, Basingstoke. A review.

Welcome back.

So last night we had the absolute pleasure of once again going to see Mr Dave McPherson play live. Let me start by saying what a venue is the Central Studio. I mean we weren’t expected the seated vibe we were hit with, but it’s for sure relaxed and changed the whole mood of the gig. Also the bar staff at the Central Studio, I love them, those girls were my homegirls by the end of the evening, from secret shots, going to talk to the talent so I could have a photo because I was too nervous to ask and getting involved in the creation of vodka and strawberry ribena. I was so lucky to spend an evening with three of my number one people listening to some really really good music.


Now let’s talk about each support act, because they really really stepped up the level. I wasn’t expecting four supporting act’s but c’est las vie, I for sure got value for my ticket money.


Jamie Larbalestier

So let’s start with Jamie Larbalestier and his lovely band mate who smashed out that clarinet. Let’s start by saying, I am now following them on Spotify because I fell in love with their music. I honestly see myself listening to them while reading my book on a Sunday afternoon in my comfy chair, sat in the sunlight, drinking my herbal tea and that is a mood I can get behind.

They are a band, that I would happily go and see several times over and I would suggest if they are playing near you go and see them, their vibe and the way they work with each other makes you want to listen to more and we were living when a harmonica was busted out. We love a good harmonica moment.

Can we also talk about gal pals bun? I was beyond jealous, that bun game was strong.

They are on Spotify and have been added to all my playlists and they have a banging EP which you can pick up here – https://jamielarbalestier.bandcamp.com/releases

You can follow them on twitter here @JamieLarbalest and on Instagram @jamielarbalestier


Fred Irwin 

Now the feel I personally got from Fred Irwin when he hit the stage was electric and what I utterly loved is the fact that his friends and family showed up and got involved, right at the front, singing along and heckling. We also appreciate his Mumma who showed up and support her son, we love a supportive family moment, so shout out to you lady!

Now for the music coming from Fred. Well, let’s say I AM HOOKED. Another one that has been put straight into my playlists. What do I like about Fred? The honesty and the beautiful way he wrote about getting drunk, that I can get behind.

Let just take a serious moment, my heart was sold on Fred when he was incredibly honest with the crowd with a song written about depression. Now I can get that behind that, it was beautifully written and wonderfully performed, I could easily listen to it on repeat for a week.

Not only is he a hell of a singer, he is a hell of a nice guy too! You can check out his website here http://www.fredirwin.com and on social media @fredwin


Will Purdue & Liza Bec

Let me start by saying, Will I totally hope you passed your exam today, totally routing for you!

One thing I am really jazzed about is the fact that I get to re live this set at the Fiery Blues festival at the end of September, that’s how into the vibe these two put out, I’ve already planned my next trip to go watch and listen live.

I have never felt so connected with a sound so quickly, I was engrossed and in the moment from the second they walked onto the stage. The mix of guitar, incredible voices from both parties and sax had me wanting more and not only do the slay the stage, they are also really really lovely people. Honestly, it was an honour to talk to them! I was also pretty confused but incredibly surprised by a song about a cat finding it’s dead owner, not what I expected for my Friday night.. but it worked!

Can we also just discuss how cute their EP’s look on my laptop? It’s almost like they were made to be there. Im throughly looking forward to bashing these on in my car and driving round with my windows down, forcing everyone around me to listen. You can find Will on insta by searching @willpurdue and you can follow Liza at @lizabecmusic

Liza Bec’s EP is called Beyond The Blond

Will Purdue’s EP is called Rumour and Confessions


I am an awful person who missed We Are All Fossils because I was at the bar, I am gutted.


Dave McPherson

Ok. So. Anyone who know’s me, knows how much I stan Dave McPherson. Honestly, if you haven’t heard his stuff, off to Spotify you go because you are missing out.

From hitting each note and just the vocal range and guitar skill, Mr McPherson is nothing short of a crowd pleaser.

His moments chatting with the crowd were honest and funny, moving  between songs with such ease. He is for sure the master of bringing the crowd out of their shells and into his own little musical world, we we all readily accepted the invite too.

I throughly enjoyed his cover of Unchained Melody, which for me personally rivalled that of The Righteous Brothers, I mean I could imagine doing some pottery with my ghost of a partner sat behind me being romantic AF.

Also ending the set with Fuck Her Gently was a strong move and I for one certainly gave it all singing alone, with my best gal pal sat next to me super confused because she is way to young to really know Tenacious D.

I have to say if you ever get the chance to watch Dave live, I throughly suggest it, you wont regret it. This would be the second time I’ve seen him and I plan to see him any time the chance prevents it’s self.

You can follow Dave McPherson on twitter at @DaveInME









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