Dressing for your body type.

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Today I wanted to talk about dressing for your body type. As a chunky girl, there are certain rules that we are expected to follow when it comes to fashion and getting dressed.

It’s the same with every body type, there are certain things that we are meant to wear and are meant to leave alone because they aren’t for you honey. So I thought I’d share with you some of the rules I’ve learnt that work for every body type, I hope you’re excited!


1 – Find a piece of clothing you like/love

2- Put it on your body


For too long we have been told that chunky women can’t wear a bikini or a skinny women shouldn’t wear a baggy shirt because your body doesn’t look right in it.

I would love to know who make these rules, because to be honest, we have been adhering to this shit for far too long. It’s not just an issue for women, men also have to follow strict fashion rules for their body type.

In 2018, we still find it acceptable to body shame people. We still find it acceptable to make comments and mock someone for their body size or shape. Why as a society are we focused on and obsessed with someones visual aesthetic and ignoring what they actually have to offer in the way of you know, everything else?

When did a persons comfort become less important than societies crappy opinions. Using myself as an example, I refused to wear shorts on scorching hot days because I had been mocked for my chunky legs, comments made how I should put them away because no-one want’s to see that or its making someone feel sick looking at my legs.

I would rather over heat in a pair of jeans and a short sleeve shirt then dare get my leg’s out. There were times I began to over heat so badly that I thought I was going to pass out.

Then I realised that my own comfort was far more important than other people’s opinions on my legs. That’s when I started using the rules above, I started buying shorts, I put them on my body and hazzah there was me dressing for my body type!

When people make comments about my tree trunk thighs now, about how big they are in the shorts I’ve chosen, I politely remind them I could crush their head with my thighs. That seems to work pretty well.

If a piece of clothing makes you feel confident and makes you feel like you slay your day, then wear it. Your confidence will shine through, that I can promise you. Honey do your hair toss and check your nails, couz you’re feeling good as hell.

We have it instilled in us from a young age that if you’re slender you can show as much skin as you want, but if you’re chubby – cover up; no-one wants to see that. Says who? Who said no-one wants to see that?  I want to see that. I want to see women and men of every size wearing what the damn please because that is what they feel good in.

We need more compassion and acceptance in this society. People are who they are, they look how they look. You have no idea if the person you’re making those bitch ass comments is working their ass off in the gym to change the bit of themselves that you find so amusing, you don’t know if they are completely comfortable in their own skin, you just don’t know.

Sometimes you have no idea the bravery it takes to put something on for some people. The fact they put something on that showed some skin or what not.

We have all thought something bad when we first see someone wearing something as our first thought, we have all done it and if you say you haven’t you are a liar mama, however most of us will have the second thought that what does it matter as long as the person is happy. It is believed that your first thought is what society has taught you to think and your second thought is what you actually think.

So I guess what I am trying to say is maybe we could spend more time supporting each other and raising each other up rather then tearing each other down simply for what we look like.

Peace and love people, peace and love.


2 thoughts on “Dressing for your body type.

  1. Great words I totally agree. The same is true when you get older and people…. my friends say you can’t wear bikinis at your age??? Why not or you can’t wear your hair long. Who as you say makes these rules.


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