Getting to know me; 16 facts.

Welcome back!

After all the serious pieces I’ve written recently, I thought it would be fun to do a little get to know me blog. So below you can find some fact’s about little old me!

1 – My full name is Bethany Chapell and I was born on the 30th May 1991, which makes me a gemini.

2 – I am a crazy cat lady, I’m not even ashamed of this. I’ve had my cat Willow since I was 8 years old so she is pretty much my child at this point. She 100% acts like she doesn’t love me.


3 – I play the drums and I’ve been playing since I was 11. I made the foolish choice of quitting for a few years in my later teen years, which was a huge regret of mine – that’s why I was so stoked to pick this back up again!

4 – I’m terrified of holding babies, honestly terrified. I go super still and cant move because I’m so fearful the spawn will cry or I’ll accidentally drop them.


5 – I don’t discuss politics with people I like.

6 – The boys below are my longest running male friendships. We have been friends for around 17 years now.


7 – The bloke third in from the left is Henry. I have his initials tattooed on my right hip simply because he told me I wouldn’t.

8 –  I drum for a band called the Blood Buzzards, who kinda just adopted me just under a year ago.


9 – I tend to change my hair colour a lot. I mean, I stay the same for like a month or two but then I get bored and have to change. I also change my hair when I’m about to make a big decision, it just helps me focus.

10 – I love drag. I find it completely mesmerising, the showmanship, the art, the costumes – I just love the art of it.


11 – I love a good murder program, I really do. I just find it so interesting, from why people murder, to how the murder happened and how they got caught. I could honestly watch these kind of shows for hours.

12 – My family are the  most important thing, apart from my dad and one of my Grandad’s, my family are all in Rugby and surrounding areas, so I don’t get to see them often. We try and all get together twice a year at my Grandad’s house which is awesome.


13 – My spirits of choice are either gin or jager.

14 – I have now run/walked two race for life races to raise money for cancer research. I plan to run many many more.


15 –  I love going and doing new things. New experiences and things makes me really happy. I like making memories.

16 – Kent cider is my favourite cider to date. Their strawberry cider is the shit and I could honestly drink pints and pints of it. I’m going to order some of their toffee apple cider, so let’s see how that goes down!


I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little! I’ll be writing a few more get to know me pieces in the future, so keep an eye out for those!

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