Why I blog

Welcome back!

After being branded as an attention seeker, for my choice of content in the comments of my Being a gamer girl post, I thought I would actually clarify why I decided to start this blog.

It took me a long time to actually realise my love for writing and forcing my opinion on things that I find interesting and engaging. I don’t write for anyone else but myself.

I write about everything, that’s why this blog isn’t about one specific thing because why tie myself down.

I write about things that are important to me. Things that I feel are important to talk about, that I don’t feel are spoken about enough. Things that play in my head and the way I feel.

When I started this blog, I wasn’t in a good space mentally, I was just leaving my old job to start somewhere new and my body confidence was at an all time low. Having a space to put what goes on in my little head is my own version of self care and self love.

Going out and reviewing new artists and places gets me out the house and gives me a reason to get up and do things. When I am in my worst with my mental fog; going to see that new band, the art, the food or whatever, going and putting my focus and concentration into writing about the things I’ve seen and places I’ve experienced, helps lift me out of the void.

Thanks to this I’ve met so many wonderful people and made some new friends. People who have changed the way I look at myself and the world around me, who make my day better. Without this blog I wouldn’t of had the chance to meet them.

I’ve also had some really weird chat with a guy who will only be known in my blogs as Egg Tart.

For me, when people read and respond on my blog, it’s incredibly humbling. The fact that people relate and want to read what I write gives me the real warm and fuzzy feelings. My little mind melt, my brain dump, my little passion project, if it hits home with one person and makes them feel less alone and like someone understands them; than that’s more than I could of ever hoped for.

The fact that some of you take the time to read each one of my blogs and message me with feed back and how my writing made you feel is honestly incredible. I never thought that this would amount to anything; that I would give up soon after starting this. 5 month’s on I am more passionate about this than I ever thought I would be.

So to wrap this up; I don’t write my blog to attention seek and validate my life in written form. I write because I am passionate, I write because it fuels my creative fire, I write because if someone can take anything from one of my pieces and it brings them comfort or they can draw something from it, then that is something I never thought would happen and I am fucking humbled.

And each of you that takes the time to read the shit I put up, the garbled bollocks that I post on the internet, from the bottom of my cold dark heart, I sincerely thank you.










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