Dear Boys, an open letter to my three best male friends

Dear Boys,

I thought it was about time I wrote this, as I don’t quite express enough how much the three of you mean to me. As our time on this earth has twisted and moved down it’s time line, you have stayed three stable pillars in my turbulent world.

You became the over protective brothers, threatening to beat the boys who broke my heart and shattered my world. You’ve been my therapists, listening to my wobbly head and dark thoughts since I was a teen. You have been the drinking partners; taking me out to cheer me up and heal my wounds. I never really thanked you for everything each of you did for me, so here it is, in weird blog form!

Spending time with you guys makes me feel like I am with family. I am comfortable and safe with you and I can be my true self without judgement.

We can go weeks (months if you’re Jones) without seeing each other, yet we all fit back together like we have never been apart. You boys are like the three other bits to my four piece jigsaw.


Coming out of school, we were all close but I didn’t realise the team we would grow into. Like a shit, sassy, powerless avengers we get together and defeat the evil in each others worlds with laugher, beer and good old fashioned chewing the fat.

Now for a little bit of a selfish point, Jones… how dare you leave us for a full fucking year for somewhere as exciting as Australia. A FULL YEAR. I really don’t understand how you find this acceptable, considering you’re pretty bad at responding to text’s at the best of times. You will be forgiven for one FaceTime call a month, even though you wont be around for me to drag you out to gigs that no one else will go with me too.


Growing up as an only child, I had no siblings to argue and share with… and then I found you. We have had our fair share of arguments and childish fights but as cheesy as this sounds, we got that bond that a simply argument can’t break. We all cross the line with each other, however as you do with family, you forgive them and move on.

Now we are going to get S O P P Y. Are you ready?

I would move mountains for these boys. I would drop anything and be there in a heartbeat. They will never truly understand how much each of them mean to me. They are the people who have broken down the majority of my walls and got closest to seeing the vulnerable side I hide.

They put me on a better path when I stray and get lost. I’m honestly so thankful for the things each of them do for me every day. The small things – like just checking I’m still alive or taking me out for a pint when I haven’t left my house in days mean everything.

I’m so thankful for each of their parent’s for raising their asses because they are a credit to each of them.

I love these boys with everything I have and I will protect them until the end of time.


And who knows maybe one day, we will take a photo all together; where I am not fucking about because I can’t take a nice serious photo it would seem.

Through each life step, each mile stone, each big moment; I can’t wait to be there as your number one supporter and when you spawn, I can’t wait to be the coolest aunt your kid has. If they’re getting tattoo’s at 18 though, completely not my fault and I cannot be blamed.

I love you guys and I mean that, from the bottom of my frosty heart. Never change.


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