Under boob tattoo at The Freakshow tattoo shop, Newbury. An experience.

Welcome back.

So if you follow me on my personal social media accounts, you would have seen the cracking photo of my under boob tattoo from the 29th December. I’ve made it the cover photo for this blog, because who doesn’t love staring at some under boob!

This blog is going to be about my experience with getting this tattoo, the healing and the artist who got to work on this cracking rack for just under three hours of his life.

As always, I was late to the shop (The Freakshow Tattoo shop in Newbury – you can follow them on Instagram here)  because I can never be on time to anything. Even when I try really really hard. From traffic, the pal I took with me taking longer to get ready than I do with a hangover and being unable to use the parking pay phone system, I ended up around 20 minutes late.

So the artist getting to work on my rack was the lovely Jme (you can follow him on Instagram here)

I’ve been following Jme on Instagram for a small while and really liked his work, even hitting him up for a joint piece with a close friend of mine which we never got done; because my friend wimped out big style. After seeing his work on my pal, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get the piece I’ve been wanting for around three years, the under boob.

Luckily Jme and Lee, the other artist who shares the space with Jme (you can follow him on Instagram here) made me feel comfortable and confident to whack the rack out while they stencilled my new art onto me.

I can tell you for nothing, it’s really quite an experience to be stood in a room of three dudes, one who you know – two who you don’t – clutching your tits as someone draws on you with a sharpie. I mean, can’t be shy around someone when they have been three inches from your rack. In all seriousness, both artists were incredibly professional and before Jme had even touched me with a needle; I knew this would be somewhere I would be visiting for future tattoos.

After a smoke, we cracked down to lining this bitch out. I would like to say, I acted totally cool and it didn’t hurt in the slightest but that would be a lie. I didn’t cry though, or swear, so I’ll take that.

It may have also been the politest tattooing of all time. Jme apologising for hurting me and me apologising for his back hurting because he had to spend his time bent over me. It was all very British.

For anyone who has met me in real life, you would have noticed me doing a strange counting tap thing with my fingers when I am stressed, in pain or concentrating. To stop me screaming out and saying the worst swear words I know, the counting was at double the usual speed. I’m not going to lie, I can come across a little crazy when I do this. So I really do appreciate Jme taking the time to question what I was doing and not mocking me once I had explained it.

Once we had smashed out the lining, it was time for another smoke. I actively didn’t check it out at this point, leaving it as a cheeky little surprise for when it was completed.

Let me just take a moment here to thank my friend who joined me for this experience and basically just fed me fruit pastels and didn’t laugh too much at my pain face. I appreciated the company, made me slightly less terrified.

So there I am back in the room and it’s time to colour this shit in. For some reason I always remembered the colour being the least painful part. Shit, how wrong was I. The colour hurt more than any other tattoo  I have ever had, however, I still didn’t cry. I took it like a total champ.

I am 100% glad I waited to see the finished piece. I fell in love with it instantly and even now I can’t stop lifting up my top in mirrors and shouting IT’S SO PRETTY.

So here we find ourselves almost a week later and we are on the fun scabby stage of a new tattoo. It’s taking everything in me me not to itch this thing. Honestly, I feel like I need cones around my hands. It still looks stunning though, scabs and all.

So my over all experience was a great one. Jme and Lee both made me feel incredibly comfortable and calm, which I am very very thankful for. I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat and I will be booking in with Jme again in the future. Let’s see how many other parts of my body I can get him to stare at shall we?



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