Fred Irwin, Every Day / The Ballad Of My Council Tax new single release. A review.

Welcome back.

I know you’re all super shocked, but once again Fred has made it onto another post over here on Kiss of Beths! This time he’s releasing some new music and what can I say, how could I not review it?


For those who don’t know Fred, he’s the guy above and he’s pretty stella when it comes to all this music jazziness.

Being ever so lucky, Fred sent this over to me before it’s release on Friday the 11th January. I mean, I was happy to wait until then. It was marked in my diary. I was excited enough as it is, but sat here listening to it as I write this review has just made me even more excited for his upcoming EP.

Ever since I discovered Fred at a show in September (you can read that review here), he’s been on my regularly listened to list. There is something about Fred’s music that resonates with me and puts me in a better mood.

Taking the chance to see him play again when he took the stage at the Gig House in Wokingham (you can read that review here) I have been beyond invested in Fred’s music. Not in a creepy stalker way, just in a “his music is really good” way. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing.

So let’s talk about his new double A side, Every day and The Ballad Of My Council Tax Bill, released on Not My Dog Records – who you can find on Facebook here.

Single artwork.jpg

Let’s start with Every Day.

I love this. I’m sat here, feeling some kinda way while listening to this. Whilst listening to this for the first time, I certainly had someone in my head that I wanted to send this to, to explain how I felt about them.

Once again Fred has knocked it out the park with another song that is not only catchy but relevant and thought provoking. I’ve had this on repeat since I turned my laptop on and now I am singing along (Sorry Fred, I’m not doing it any justice)

What a follow up to his Nights Like These album, released just over 6 years ago. I can confirm, worth the wait. Listening to this song alone has put me on hype for his up coming EP and you know fully well I will be reviewing that once it gets into my musically hungry hands.

This song holds a power. From the strong vocals, captivating lyrics and intense guitar – it’s out here giving me There She Is – Frank Turner vibes with a Fred Irwin twist. Gritty, intense and exactly what I needed from Fred. Exactly what I had been waiting for.

I know that I will be forcing my friends and family to listen to this once it’s released. I can already tell this will be one of my most listened to songs of 2019 and I can guarantee this will end up on my Spotify top 100 of 2019 list. I’m that confident in this song.

Will I be doing drunken renditions of this? Yes. Yes I will. Am I sorry about this? No. No I am not.


Now let’s talk about The Ballad Of My Council Tax Bill.

This total bop had my head nodding along instantly.

Hitting us with more well written and gripping lyrics, I find myself once again singing along doing no justice to this belter of a tune.

You can feel Fred’s passion and talent with each word that follows from his talented face. That sounded far less creepy when I thought of it.

I can’t write too much about this song without giving it completely away and I want you to listen to it to get the feel, because it’s really, really good.


Fancy a cheeky E X C L U S I V E honey?

Fred is a total love, he hooked me up with a little exclusive! You can stream and preorder his new music below! What an angel right?

You can also pre-down load on Spotify here, I have. You should too.

After listening to his new music, I can honestly say Fred Irwin has my full backing. It’s no wonder I can’t help but review him when he throws out hits like this.

I don’t think I could find a single bad thing to say about Fred and his music, which is saying something because I hate most things and people.

Fred you get 5 stars from this blogger. Dare I even say, you don’t even need more cowbell – for those who don’t get that joke, google “needs more cowbell.”

Check out Fred’s website here  and his Instagram and his Twitter and you can find him on Spotify here.

Also buy one of his shirts, available on his website. I did and I look great AND they are only £10.  Photo evidence of how great I look below.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-29 at 19.42.48


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