Bands to watch in 2019

Welcome back!

For anyone who has been following my blog this year, you will have noticed I post a lot of music reviews because you know she loves her live music and discovering new bands.

Because of this, I’ve popped together a list of bands and solo artists I feel are going to be pulling out big things in 2019, so they are worth keeping an eye on in my opinion. Some have been featured in my blog before, some haven’t.  So let’s get into it shall we.

1.So lets start with Zander Dale; the lead singer of Hanshotfirst, who broke my heart when they broke up may I say, teased us with the news of a new band back in November. Here I am, end of December, sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this to hurry up and happen and for some new music to pop into my world. Teaming up with the lovely Mikey once again, I have no doubts that these guys are going to be creating something worth listening too… just hurry up and give me something.


2. Fred Irwin. If you have been reading the shit I write for a while, you will notice Fred pops up on this blog a fair bit, because I seriously rate his music. You can check the interview I did with Fred, here.

The reason he’s back on here is because he’s got big things coming in 2019 like the release of his new single “Every Day” on the 11th of Jan on Not My Dog Records and it’s safe to say I am fucking jazzed about it.

I’ve been following his career since I discovered him in September and he is a regular on my car and house playlists.

You can follow him on Twitter here, Instagram here, Facebook here and listen to his Night’s Like These album here.


3. Flying Machines – After discovering these guys at the Battle of the Bands at The Lounge Bar Alton (you can read this review here) – Flying Machines have become the soundtrack to my lower days.

With their captivating lyrics and the haunting, bewitching beauty of the singers voice; I find myself putting them on at any chance I have, forcing my friends and family to listen and enjoy them with me.

I can only expect big things from them in 2019 and I for one will certainly be attending more of their gigs next year.

You can follow them on Instagram here, Facebook here and listen to their Tales of a Quiet Guest album here.


4. Will Purdue – So Will is honestly one of the sweetest people I have ever met and one of the most photographic people on my insta feed.

I discovered Will at a gig over in Basingstoke and his music instantly resonated with me. He has an incredible voice and one I very much enjoy listening and singing with on my drives around.

Recently Will has been posting about new music and recording, come on Will hit me with that new music, she needs it, she wants it and it’s time.

You can follow him on Instagram here, Facebook here and listen to his Rumour and Confession album here.


5. Blood Buzzards – I mean the drummer of this band is my favourite person ever and she bad af.

So this is bias because this is actually the band I play with as their drummer, but next year, you’ll hopefully be seeing some more live shows from us and actually see us do what we do in front of people.

You can follow us on Facebook here!


6. No Feathers – So this is the new band of the lovely Jamie Larbalestier and I am instantly invested in anything these guys bring to the table.

I, for one, will certainly be checking them out live in the new year as I can already see them being a stand out artist for me and I’ll no doubt end up reviewing them here.

Having only heard one song from these guys so far, I’m already ready for more, so come on – don’t leave me waiting too long.

You can follow them on Instagram here, Facebook here and listen to their Soundcloud here.


7. The Thermic Syphons – So I love these guys so much I even have one of their shirts. Another band I discovered at the BOTB in Alton, sweet and great to interview, these guys made a real impression on me, not only musically but personally. (You can read my interview with these guys here)

After a small break in Jan, I have been assured they have new music ready to go, so this is why they have ended up on my list. If this new music is anything to go by, it will be just as good if not better then their current tunes. I am incredibly excited to see where this band goes musically.

You can follow them on Instagram here – which really needs updating boys – Facebook here and listen to their  Mother’s Wise Words album here.


8. Andy Ruddy – So after discovering Andy in November, by December his song Boys and Girls Like Us had ended up in my Top 100 songs on Spotify… I honestly had that bop on repeat.

Andy released his new album in November and I cannot wait to see what comes next from this natural performer. If you want to read my review from his album launch, you can check this out here.

I feel like Andy is going to achieve big things next year and I will certainly be keeping a close eye on him.

You can follow him on Instagram here, Facebook here and listen to him on Spotify here.


9. Mowzer  – So after chilling with my friend watching Mowzer in a quirky little pub in Wokingham, Mowzer give you the chilling with friends in the summer vibes no matter the time of year.

Both members of Mowzer are incredibly talented and I’m planning to hunt them down during St Paddy’s weekend to listen to their Irish folk.

If you wanted to check out the review I wrote about them, you can do this here

You can check them out on Youtube here, Twitter here, Facebook here and Insta here


So those are the local bands I am putting my bets on for 2019. I suggest going and giving them a follow and a listen so you an say you were cool enough to hear them before they got big.

So as this is the last post of 2018 on Kiss Of Beth, I just want to thank everyone who has supported me with this blog since I started writing at the start July. My little project so I had somewhere to put my little mind melts and thoughts.

I throughly appreciate each of you that take the time to share, comment on and read my shit.  It really does mean the world to me.

Here’s to 2019, here’s to some bigger and better things here on Kiss of Beth. Here’s to more music, more adventures, more opinions, more thoughtful pieces and here is to the people who I have met thanks to starting this blog. I never thought I’d meet so many wonderful people simply by starting writing. From bands to bartenders and everyone in between, it’s been great getting to know you and I look forward to getting to know you more over 2019, I also look forward to meeting more humans in 2019.

Also a personal thank you to G and Henry, my editors. Thanks for reading though my work and making sure I don’t make stupid mistakes and grammatical errors.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to pay you in more than just home made pizza, crappy films and expertly made cocktails.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year and I wish you the best for 2019.


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