Fred Irwin “Forever Never Lasts” EP Launch at The Mulberry, Farnham

Oh hi, welcome back!

Today, unsurprisingly, I am once again covering the wonderful and incredibly talented Fred Irwin.

Thursday 7th Feb saw the EP launch of his highly anticipated second album  “Forever Never Lasts”. With the EP its self going live on the 8th on Spotify etc; you can go stream that banger now! I’ll leave the link at the bottom of this piece. Go download it, stream it, save it – do what you need to do honey, because you will love this album.

All the photos in this piece were taken by the very very lovely Joe from Dead Sound Promotions, who puts live music on at The Mulberry in Farnham weekly. Check Dead Sound Promotions on Facebook here. You’ll be catching me there way more, writing about their live music scene and drinking a latte made by Aaron.

Anyway; let’s talk about the EP launch because thats why are you here.

Conor Giles


So we were treated to support from the delightful Conor Giles. Usually found in Irish Folk Duo Mowzer (Who I reviewed previously, you can read that here) Conor went rogue and played solo.

Opening up his set with New Born by Will Varley; I hadn’t quite realised how strong Conor’s voice was. This being the first time I’ve seen him play alone; I was thrown. Honestly, what a voice.

Conor can stand alone and still hold my interest. Which is pretty difficult. Short attention span. I get distracted. Not with Conor however, mans’ voice had me hooked from the offset. He has such passion and talent; an absolute joy to listen to.

Then he hit us with some voice alone. No guitar. Fuck me sideways. Goose bumps. Seriously, the hair on my arms stood on end.

Honestly, go see Conor, either alone or when he plays with Mowzer. They will be playing in Wokingham over St Paddy’s so fucking go!

Fred Irwin


So, the main event, honey; Mr Fred Irwin.

So let me start by saying, I pre ordered the new album. I bought some merch. I fucking STAN Fred and his music. As you can tell because Fred is a constant over here on Kiss of Beth, and he likely will continue to be, until he slaps me with that restraining order.

So Fred opened us up with Tomorrow, which was dedicated to his ma and pa. I loved this. Every time Fred plays, he exceeds my expectations. Every. Single. Time. without fail.

We were then hit with his song Don’t Forget To Breathe, from the new album. Fuck me Fred, RELATABLE CONTENT ALERT. There was one line that hit me and has stayed with me “Everything I do is to try and get me any where near good enough for you” – fuck me, right in the feels Fred. Y’all got this stoney bitch feeling something. She like the Grinch out here; laying on the snow, deciding he feels some shit for people after all.

Image result for help me i'm feeling

Once again Fred had engaging and funny chat with audience. Supporting and gassing up Conor’s band Mowzer, which we love; because who doesn’t love a supportive friend even on their big night.

Now let’s talk about Every Day. I fucking love love this song. I am not ashamed to say I was sat, end of the bar singing my little heart out; to the great disappointment of my friends. I am not a talented singer. This song will forever be the stand out of the album for me. I adore it.

I don’t how but Fred’s music always resonates with me. With Frank Turner vibes, I can’t help but get behind anything he puts out. If he makes me wait 6 years for another release though, this bitch will be mad. It really doesn’t matter how many times I see Fred live, he just gets better and better. Moving from strength to strength, this new album really shows how Fred has developed since his first album Nights Like These.

Hearing  Forever Never Lasts, the track the album was named after and Fred’s favourite song – I am honestly not surprised it’s Fred’s favourite tune. It’s a fucking bop. I am invested and have listened to it a fair few times since Thursday night.

I can already tell this is going to be one of my stand out albums of 2019. One, that I have no doubt, I’ll be turning back to over the coming years.

I am unsure who got hold of my note pad at this point but I have a note saying

“Fred is really really good he sings good and makes the beautiful music” 

So thank you kind stranger, glad you agree.

Finishing up, Fred left us on one of his old tunes Don’t Panic. Now I know this is an old tune but I fucking love it. I forever go to this song on my bad days. I was singing along once again, to the dismay of the people around me.

Now let’s get down to some honesty. This is one of the best Fred gigs I have ever attended.

I am going to be a little soppy. I have been following him since September and honestly, the development in those short months has been incredible. He goes from strength to strength and he’s a joy not only to listen too, see live and write about; but a pleasure to actually know and have a beer with.

I have never met someone who deserves their dreams within music to come true more. He’s talented and I will forever give him the time of day on this blog.

Now back to being that icy bitch. 

Check out Fred’s website here  and his Instagram and his Twitter and you can find him on Spotify here. YOU CAN HEAR THE NEW ALBUM HERE

Also buy one of his shirts, available on his website. I did and I look great AND they are only £10. I also now own a poster and shot glass, I 100% know you’re jealous.

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