ARY, Icarus Falls and The Dusty Trims at The Golden Eagle, SouthSea – Presented by Fam.ILY

Welcome back!

Saturday night saw me sat in a pub in Southsea with a good friend; wearing my leopard print suit, feeling very Kat Slater – ready to watch some bands play us some tunes. You know she’s gunna leave you with a photo of the suit below, she looks cool af.


So let me start by talking about this pub. Eurgh, I love the staff. I have never met a bunch of nicer bar staff ever. I fell in love with Lawerence a little, for three reasons. 1 – Man ate an entire lemon drizzle cake like a sandwich. 2 – He fed me millionaire shortbreads without question. 3 – I’ve never seen one person smile so much over tiny little things and it was the nicest thing. Never change Lawerence. Never ever change.

Before I get into this; I just want to talk about gig etiquette. If you are playing a gig, leaving after you’ve completed your set is, honestly such an awful thing to do. Support other bands, support the bands that turned up early to watch you. Don’t just leave. It’s just rude.

Now lets get into reviewing the bands.

The Dusty Trims

I see what you were trying to do boys, I really do. Not my cup of tea, but fair enough. Your instrumentals were good.

Moving on.


Icarus Falls 

Oooshhh. In comes Icarus Falls and I am hooked. Giving me Saving Abel vibes, I was instantly invested.

Both my friend and I were super into this band. Even I started throwing my hair about a little, showing the little emotion I have and tapping along.

I’m not even ashamed to say I have been listening to them non stop since Saturday. They are utterly incredible and I am actually a little irritated with myself for not listening to them before Saturday night.

Now I’m going to fan girl over their drummer a little. Offffff boo, you were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Honestly, put up a tent, set a fire and get me pregnant; you were amazing. Honestly, boo – teach me to play like you. I need to be as good as  you. I have serious drummer envy.

I have legit added Icarus Falls to pretty much all my playlists and I’m sat here ready to throw my money at any merch they got.

These artists are incredibly talented and I would throughly suggest you check them out.

You can check out Icarus falls on Insta here, Facebook here and Spotify here.



Oooofffff let’s get into ARY.

So Portugal born ARY are the opening act for Top Loader, the band who did that classic banger Dancing In The Moonlight.

Now let me start by talking about the lead singer Erika. What a voice. Honestly I was shaken by the talent on this girl. I might now be in love with her and she is 100% who I want to be when I grow up. Honestly, my girl crush for this pure angel of a human is just a joke. I mean Erika if you’re reading this, hit me up if  you wanna marry me; I’d be down with that.

Honestly tho – what a talented bunch of musicians. As they did sound check, my pal honestly asked me if they were a recording because they were that good. My socks were honestly blown off and I was blown away because of how good this band is. They served Tonight Alive feels and I was completely into it.

I can confidentially say I would spend my hard earned cash on seeing  them again. Just take all my money because this band is completely worth it. I think everyone in the Golden Eagle that night would agree with me, as we were all head bopping and toe tapping along.

The lyric I’m not yours anymore hit me right in the feels. Oooof right there. You see those feels – y’all gon done hit me in it. I mean y’all want to throw that kinda relatable content out there to the masses.

I have underlined in my note pad 8 times, WHAT A BUNCH OF TALENT. This is completely justified. I am definitely invested in ARY and will be following them very very closely from now.

I can honestly say, they are one of the best ever female fronted bands I have ever ever seen or heard. They are on my playlists and I will be listen to them non stop. Hello ARY on my morning commute.

You can find them on Insta here, their website here, Facebook here and Spotify here

Hey, here’s their music video too


So this was all down to Southsea Rocks putting this show on and I’m excited to work with this venue on the next one. You can catch me there writing and being a icy cold gal.

The next event is on the 2nd March with the beauts Flying Machines, Love Butter and The Stanny Dares. You can pick up your tickets here, come see me, likely wine drunk and scribble writing.

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