SOUTHSEA ROCKS (The Stanny Dares, LoveButter & Flying Machines) at The Golden Eagle

Welcome back home slices,

It’s that time again. Another month, another Southsea Rocks.

This time myself, my best friend and the wonderful Bruce (they are in the cover photo) were treated to the musical stylings of The Stanny Dares, LoveButter and Flying Machines.

Shockingly I reviewed each band for your reading entertainment, you can read it below. Unsurprisingly. You clicked on here. You knew the review was coming.

Also, the next person who mocks me for having a messy car, I have everything I need in there. Venue needed a drum stool. What was in my boot? A drum stool.

The Stanny Dares.

We all know I already love The Stanny Dares after I saw them at an unplanned gig with my cousin (you can check that review out here) and seeing them for a second time, I can confirm – they have only got better.

Jordan the drummer, flexing and showing his talent straight up. He is forever the joy to watch and his facial expressions are something that anyone who plays the drums can relate to. We all do them. Not only that, but the addition of Jordan’s vocals into their music honestly adds that extra zing for me. He’s the kind of drummer I want to be when I grow up and be an adult.

It’s a delight to see a band play together who clearly like playing together. You can see the brotherly like bond between the three boys and that’s what makes them work as a band. The fact they bounce, vibe, and roll with each other makes The Stanny Dares have a natural stage presence that I yearn for when watching live music. They really are the kind of guys you’d want to go for a beer with and shoot some pool.  They are also some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Total sweethearts.

Everyone in the room bopped, nodded and got involved with The Stanny Dares. They engaged the crowd, they got people to their feet and made the room want to be there. It’s really no surprise they are on pretty much all of my playlists. They gained some fans that night and certainly cemented themselves within my favourites.

Their chop and change style of music makes me happy. It brings something that I have been searching for. That edgy, punkish vibe hits me straight in my sweet spot. I have visions of them being on the music score for a film, based in South London. I have the vision of their song Miserable Bastard, being played over a Peaky Blinders esq gang brawl in a pub.

We were treated to two little skits, the Count Down theme tune – which I loved and Alex is on Tinder – which, by his face, he certainly wasn’t expecting; I’m sure his now girlfriend wouldn’t enjoy it. It’s been stuck in my head since Saturday though…

For me, Don’t Mind Us will forever be my stand out track. I can totally confirm that I was singing along, not well, but singing along all the same. It was a pleasure seeing the room enjoy this song as much as I do.

What did Bruce and Henry think?

” I like them, they have punk indie vibes”

“They have a California rock style. I like the fact that the singer tells a real story with his face”


Plus look how fly I look in their shirt, you should get yourself one


WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 19.53.30

You can check them out on Facebook here  – Insta here – Twitter here – Soundcloud here  and best of all check them out on Spotify here



So here’s one band I had never heard before, however they are a band I need to see again and again and again.

Not knowing what to expect from LoveButter, I was blown away. Completely and utterly blown away. Incredible is the only way I can describe this band. I can see big, huge, monumental things coming their way.

Two things I noticed straight off was the fact that I really, really need tartan trousers, and it was really nice that Steve from Stranger Things (Ollie the bassist) took an evening off from baby sitting the boys, and giving them solid life lessons, to join us for the evening. If you don’t get the reference, guitarist looks like this guy;


What an incredible stage presence these guys had. I was hooked. My focus wasn’t held with one person. I couldn’t stop looking around. With so much to see and the energy, I was hooked within minutes.

I also have huge appreciation for Bob, the lead singer, just smashing out the set in his odd socks. I feel that, that is a huge mood.

Midway through their set, I found myself searching Spotify to add them to every playlist I have ever. Alas, on Spotify they were not. As they have no recorded music. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE SOON BECAUSE I NEED TO LISTEN TO Y’ALL ON THE DAILY. I wish I was over exaggerating but I am not. Y’all damn incredible.

Now I have to fan girl over the drummer. Honey, offff honey. You are talented. I am envious. Honestly, such a talent up here. The whole band are sick and you, good sir, just dammmmmmnnnnnnnnnn. If I could add more n’s to that damn I would.  I mean I can, but, it would be weird. I also saw you swigging your beer during quiet moments, it’s cool honey – I do the same.

I am completely glad I didn’t listen to them prior to Southsea Rocks. Even though the event organiser spammed me with links, I’m 100% glad I stuck to my guns and didn’t listen. Why? Because LoveButter left me SHOOK.  Honestly honey, if I could of done a death dropped and snatched my wig off I would have done.

This band, from the land of Bristol, have left me wanting and needing more. I’m left with the taste for LoveButter, so much so I’m booking a trip up to Bristol so I can see them on their home turf. That’s how much I like this band. I am willing to drive my ass to Bristol and get my ass into the crowd for this band. I’m not willing to do that for many bands, but here I am begging to hear LoveButter millions more times.

Then they busted out the James Bond theme tune. Boo, honey, henny I was THERE FOR THAT. Done perfectly and ending by seamlessly moving into their next song, I appreciated that so hard. As did the rest of the crowd.

Lead singer Bob oozes charm. The band oozes talent. I can see these guys blowing up to massive heights and head lining big stages and if they don’t I’m going to be angry af. If this was the 80’s both women and men alike would be throwing their underwear at the stage with mobile numbers and hotel room numbers written in sharpie on them.

I may offend some people here, but dare I say… I’m going to put this in bold…. This band are a better Foals. There. I said it.

I got a direct quote from a honey called Marie at the gig (Marie is a total queen FYI)

“I would 100% pay money to see these guys live again”

She then threw the heart shaped hand movements at me, so LoveButter; me thinks you have a new fan there. You also have one here.

I honestly cannot recommend this band enough. I will be following them very very closely and you can bet that they are going to turn up on Kiss Of Beth’s again. You got a fan from this humble blogger.

But what did Henry and Bruce think?

“As an ex drummer I usually only focus on the drummer, not with this band. I was looking here, there and everywhere. Nothing was out of sync… if it was, you couldn’t tell.”

“Bruce approves. The guy can really sing, gave a Jack Black esq performance”

You can check  them out on Facebook here, Insta here and Youtube here.


Flying Machines

This is my second time seeing Flying Machines. This is the second time they floored me, This is the second time they made me feel things. You can check out the first time I saw them here.

Anyone who has been to my house since I first heard Flying Machines knows they are played almost daily. So seeing them again certainly was a highlight of the evening for this blogger.

Due to an injury to lead singer Mark, the band has added another guitarist whilst he heals. I have to say without the safety of his guitar; Mark really came out of his shell.

There was something effortlessly cool and edgy about him clutching his mic and a glass of whisky. It felt as if he no longer needed the guitar to feel confident, like he had finally realised how beautiful and hard hitting his voice actually is. I don’t know if this is a full time change or just until Mark has healed but either way this band is put together, it works for me.

They treated us with a new song Homecoming which has me excited to see what’s coming up from this band. I was into this. I was feeling it. It’s honestly to the point where I think that anything this band puts out, I’ll be behind it. They could release a cover of the Mr Blobby song and I’d still be like, yassss honey and blast that shit out my car speakers. Their new music certainly has a heavier feel and it’s something I certainly got on with.

Once again, they are tight, well practised and on point. I can’t fault them even if I tried. Honestly, I’m sat here and I can’t think of one criticism. Not one. Dammit, this band seriously got me hooked. They will forever be a band I follow closely, maybe even in a restraining order level of closely…

Their set covered the material on their album Tales Of A Quiet Guest. This album has become a staple for me. Their track Down has become my one of my stand out songs and something that intentionally or not I listen too more than once a day. For some reason it speaks to me. It hit home with me. I send it to the people I love to try and explain myself because for me it’s incredibly relatable. Hearing it live once more, I was blinking back the tears and singing it under my breath. That’s how much this song has come to mean to me. I know for someone so cold hearted as myself, it’s certainly hard to admit when something actually means something to me. So well done Flying Machines, you made this dead inside gal.. feel.

Image result for help me im feeling

This band is incredibly talented. Each one of them bringing something that just pulls everything together and makes this band just work so bloody well. They have talent. It’s evident. They have a bright future, that is for sure. I can see them getting bigger and bigger.

My best friend and I certainly enjoyed watching this band together, dancing along and wiggling at each other as they played. Getting into the music and just enjoy the vibe around us. We even busted out the robot. This is only pulled out for bands we really like.

The bromance between the boys is actually the cutest thing to see. You can see they actually get on. They actually like playing with each other and being on stage together. I’m a fan.

I just want to talk about the guitarist Matt for like a hot second, you sir are really talented and a joy to watch.

At the end of the set Debbie from Southampton from the first review wandered over to say hi! YES DEBBIE, WELCOME BACK TO THE BLOG. Thank you for coming back for another quote and thanks for remembering me, you utter angel! What did Debbie have to say?

“The same as last time, they are amazing and I love them”

We love people like you Debbie. Keep going to shows because people like you make them. I hope to see you at the next one!

What did Henry and Bruce think?

Henry and Bruce were several beers in, I don’t think they could have commented even if I wanted them too.


I’m cool in one of their shirts right?

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 19.53.31.jpeg

You can check them out on Facebook here, Instagram here – Spotify here and their lovely website here

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