The Rattlebacks new EP and interview

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Tonight I’m writing about the new EP launch of true rock and roll band The Rattlebacks. I was also able to sit down with two of the band members, Max and Coxy. Thanks to this sit down, I learnt some things and, in the interview under the review, so will you.

So let’s get into it.

So the boys of The Rattleback’s treated me to a sneak preview of the release and if we are being honest, I fucking love it.

It’s up my street. It’s my vibe. I’m fucking HERE for it. I don’t want to give everything away before this utter beast goes live but I can tell you, that this is certainly something that you’ll listen to again and again, if it’s your cup of tea. I’ve got to say that, this is beyond my cup of tea.

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I don’t know what it is about this band but it just works for me. They give me old Velvet Revolver feelings. I’m completely here for it. I’ve loved Velvet Revolver for years so it makes complete sense I would enjoy The Rattleback’s.

The strong Guns N’ Roses influences are evident too. Listening to these guys makes me straight up think they could of opened for Guns N’ Roses at the St. Louis’ Riverport Amphitheater. The infamous gig that left the band banned from the city for life; after the crowd rioted when Axl Rose left the stage early.

This new EP makes me feel like old school rock and roll isn’t dead. Like there’s a whole new wave about to bring the scene alive again.

I’m going to be a little crude, but this is the kinda EP I’d bang on when I’m about to get my bang on. I completely understand now why the band have said that they hope their music will either make the listener want to fuck or fight. Safe to say I am not in the fighting mood. My musical dick is hard af right now.

Now I just want to drop in about the lead singer. Honey. Oh honey. I feel you. What a set of fucking lungs. I’m beyond hooked on you sweetie.

So this EP has four songs. Valvestate, Backdrop, Back Of My Hand and, Hold On For Your Life. I can honestly say there’s no one stand out song for me, they all stand out. Each giving me vibes that I can roll with. I’m sat here right now listening to Hold On For Your Life and the Iron Maiden vibes with this one is strong.

I feel like The Rattleback’s have provided me with something I’ve been missing. That feeling that came from the pioneers of the scene. I’m already desperate for another release and this one isn’t even live yet.

This band has talent. Each of them bringing something that makes this sound just work. I’m ready to see more.

I’ll be reviewing their live EP launch on Friday the 22nd at the Boileroom  in Guildford, grab your tickets here. Come hang out with me and my best friend and listen to the musical delights of The Rattleback’s supported by Gatvol, Bloodhounds and Bombinate. I’m not going to lie, I’m fucking excited about this. I’ve broken my own rule by listening to this band first, if they are as good as their recordings; my musical dick is going to be hard.

You can check out The Rattleback’s on Spotify here, Instagram here and Facebook here.

Now for the interview. 

So this interview took place at the legendary Star Inn in Guildford. I was early. Max and Coxy were late. 4 hours and 12 questions later, I feel like I know way way more than I could ever need to know.

I’ve cut a few questions out because this piece would take you 15 years to read if I had included everything. RIP my ears who had to listen to us chat bollocks on a just over an hour and a half recording.

Coxy is C, Max is M and my questions / responses are in bold… because it’s my blog and I can. Let’s get into it.

So tell me about yourselves…

M: I guess, start with how we started, I’ve known Coxy since he was born. 23 years. We both picked up a guitar pretty much the same time, didn’t really do anything bar learn Guns N’ Roses songs for like 8 years. Around the ten year mark, I was in the pub and I got a text from Jack saying why the fuck aren’t we doing anything with this, like what’s going on? So we decided to start writing, basically locked ourselves in a room overnight and wrote the first song and that’s pretty much been the process since. We basically wrote  for a year, got 25/30 songs put together. Then brought in a drummer – Charlie. I’ve known him since I was 5. Then had auditions for a bass player. Family friend of ours is a booking agent, he does flyers and stuff so thats cool.

C: He helped push me and Max when it was just us to get others in the band. So Charlie, then the bassist and then the singer called Paul. I sold tickets to one of his shows when I was like 14, he was in a really great band called insofar. So someone I looked up to as a teenager, ended up in the band which is cool. I guess we formed the band from there. It’s all from mine and Max’s obsession with Guns N’ Roses. I guess thats how it started for us musically.

M: A lot of similar bands like Areosmith and Blackstone Cherry and stuff like that. As we have brought the songs that we put together to the other guys, a lot of  their influences have come in as well.

C: We have turned it from something we had an idea of originally into some thing, in my opinion so much better.


Why the name? 

C: Max came up with the name.

M: I did. There is a really nerdy answer to this. I had a list – I was studying engineering at Warwick. There is a thing called a rattle back, which is a spinning top – basically if you spin it one way it will spin; if you spin it the other way it will stop – then spin the other way.


Biggest influences?

At this point I learnt that Coxy calls lead singer Paul… Daddy.

M: Myself, its Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith. Theres also Alter bridge and stuff like that

C: We have a similar taste in music but we diversify right at the end, so Max goes towards Alter Bridge. Where as I like more groove or funk. I try and give everything a bit of a bounce

M: Charlie is more of a math rock guy. He likes bands like Three Trapped Tigers. He brings rock drumming, but there is so much going on there.

C: He plays a 4/4 beat and he’s everywhere. It’s a different kind of drumming than you’d get with our sound.

M: Jack the bass player is a big Rage Against The Machine Fan. That kinda stuff. Paul, is kinda weird.

C: He’s very Myles Kennedy, Chris Cornel vocally.

M: He’s fighting tooth and nail to get away from any Guns N’ Roses style vocals. For an old guy his range…


You say old guy… Can we just clarify?

C: 34…

M: He’s 11 years older than us. We wouldn’t change him for the world.

C: We wouldn’t change him.

M: I’ve never seen someone at a gig hit himself in the head more.

C: I think he’s brilliant, its pleasure to be in a band with him.

M: That goes for all the guys.


If you could work with anyone… Who would you work with?

M: I know your answer.

C: Axl Rose.

M: If we could do anything with any of the guys from Guns, that would just be crazy. The band I think are where we wanna be are Greta Van Fleet, so if everything goes where we want to be – we would want to work with them in any respect that would be amazing. They are like the New Led Zeppelin.

C: I’d like to work too with anyone who is talented. If you can add to a song, then let’s get together and see what we can do.


What is something you hope your fans take from your music?

C: Thats a really good question…

Thank you… I wrote it myself

M: Rocks not dead. Gene Simmons can fuck off.

C: Gene Simmons can fuck off!

M: It should make you want to fight or fuck, it should make you feel something. Rather than just being on

C: It should be a reaction. We didn’t start doing this other than to write the music we wanted to hear, we don’t feel there are bands giving us what I want. There isn’t danger, it’s not sexy or snarly. People need to get excited about real bands, doing real things.


There was a large chat about top 5 gigs, where I learnt about a fancy French cheese board, breakfast wine and an expensive taxi ride. Photos were provided. This took up a hell of a chunk of time. 

Through more chat we discovered that Coxy’s mum followed me on my blog Instagram. Hi Sue, you’re a fancy lady and I cant wait to meet you! Sue… Can I interview you at the EP launch? Slide into my DM’s and let me know! 

We then got highly distracted by tattoos and chats, there is a solid 25 minutes of just chinwagging and amusement. If someone breaks into your house, go after them naked…


If you could recommend any local bands, who would you recommend and why?

M: Gatvol, Bloodhounds and Bombinate, come see them at the Boileroom 22nd March.

C: Word to your mother.

M: Hellfire Club. In Brighton. Hellfire Club are great.


Explain your music in ten words

M: Balls to the wall, fight or fuck, rock and roll.

C: I don’t think I can do one. Ten words. I can’t do that….

M: What.. count?


If you could be any Disney Character, who would you be and why?

C: Disney films are shit. Bar Toy Story. I’d be Mr Potato Head. He’s got some good lines in there.

M: Mines the Genie….

C: Because you like a good rub?

M: or Jack Jack. Laser eyes.


If you had to pick tattoos for each other, what would you pick and why?

M: Axl Rose’s face on your whole back

C: I’d take that. On his chest I’d put a couple of lines saying Robert Plant’s Son.


At this point I asked for two fun facts about each other, where we learnt Max is a way better friend. I don’t think anyone needs to read what I actually heard during this point.


It was a pleasure to interview these two boys, I look forward to doing this again!








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