Pathfinder Promotions event + Gatvol interview

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Today I am covering the recent Pathfinder Promotions event at the Holroyd Arm’s in Guildford. So with doors at 6.20, I missed a few of the bands. I’m sorry about that guys, I had to be an adult and do my actual job during the day. By the time I got home, got changed and headed out to y’all I missed you. Drop me a DM tho, let me know some of your upcoming gigs and let’s set up a separate review time.

I was also very very lucky to sit down with the delights that are Gatvol and interview the shit out of them. This was possibly the quickest interview I have ever had with any band. (The Rattlebacks interview in comparison came in at just over an hour and half. You can check that piece out here)

Check out the flyer for the event below;

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Lock ‘N’ Throw 

Ok, so I got to the venue just before this band came on. The first song, well I couldn’t hear the singer. Bollocks mic I think.

Once I could actually hear the leading lady, I instantly got early Tonight Alive vibes. She has a good set of lungs this one. However I couldn’t keep my eyes off the guitarist. That engery, offf honey. It’s so nice to see someone actually enjoy what they do, actually enjoy being on stage. I liked that energy. I was into that energy. Keep that energy and passion up, it gives you something.

Now as always I’m gunna jump back to the drummer. You got some talent there sweetie. I also clocked your cymbal smash face, we match. I do the same thing. It’s nice to know I am not the only one.

I certainly plan on keeping half an eye on this band, seeing how they develop and maybe reviewing them singularly.

You can check them out on Facebook here, Instagram here and Twitter here.



Now for the reason I left my house on Wednesday evening. The completely talented boys of Gatvol. I 100% support this band. I will forever go to their shows, buy their merch and support them.

Prior to their set starting, watching their dexterous lead singer take a few moments to warm up. Walking around with his tongue out and taking a private moment behind one of the speakers to sit and stretch. You could see the pre-show nerves cover his face, a rare moment of vulnerability.  A fleeting second you wouldn’t see unless you were looking.

30 seconds into the set starting and I wasn’t disappointed. It seems to me that the adroit band can do no wrong. They don’t seem to have the capacity to fuck it up and get it wrong. They are air tight and sick as fuck. This is one incredibly talented band, there is no doubt about that. With an incredibly talented drummer, these boy’s slay me over and over. I love me a talented drummer, reminds me how much I need to practise.

Forever the charming front man, Sam throws about talent like I throw about glitter. Which is a lot and everywhere. My house is covered; In glitter, not Sam’s talent. It’s no surprise these guys haven’t been off my car stereo since I saw them at the Rattlebacks EP launch. I was stood there again, getting Nothing More vibes during this set.

I left my house. On a Wednesday. I paid £7 on the door. Was it worth it to see these guys? Yes. Would I pay that again? Yes. Would I pay more? Completely. They are fucking worth it.

For a hot second I’m gunna divert away from Sam because y’know there other members of this band who are equally as talented.

I see you at the back Mr Drummer. You may be hidden away, but I hear and see your talent. I see your passion and I am here for it. I love me a good drummer and you sir certainly delivered. Now let’s talk about guitars and bass. My darlings you are playing my kinda rhythm and you are on my wave length. Also I see your bass face, that has honestly got to be one of the best I’ve seen.

I honestly don’t think this band could ever disappoint me.

Now for the quickest interview in history (7 minutes 58 seconds). I’m in bold and the boys are as follows;

Sam – S, Thomas – T, Pablo – P, Dani – D and Tyler – Tyler, because we already had a T!

So tell me about yourselves. How did you become a thing? What is your sound.. all that sort of shit.

T: Ok well me and Sam happened to move into the same house together last year. We just started a friendship right away, started writing some music then, Tyler ended up jamming with us.

Tyler: Sam asked me to come jam for a project that I wasn’t that interested in.

T: Yeah we wrote a few songs, played a gig and then Pablo saw us and he wanted to be a part of it and we let him in. Luckily for him. We have been writing songs and playing gigs ever since.

Tyler: It’s important to note we all met at ACM in our first year.

OK, biggest influences? 

T: Periphery

S: Alter bridge

D: I have no clue. This is a hard one

P: Dance Gavin Dance

Tyler: Red Hot Chilli Peppers

What’s the plan for 2019? Whats going on in the future?

S: So from now we are talking the time off from gigging to write as much as possible and record an album. This summer we are playing Radar festival, along side some pretty awesome acts.

What is something that you hope your fans take from your music?

Tyler: I want them to rock out at the shows because it’s hype but also do a lot of soul searching because the lyrics are deep and powerful. They should be motivating. It’s a cry for help with a hand. It’s a party for people with insecurities.

S: Super fresh but familiar.

P: We are writing music but it’s cool. I can see people in the future uploading covers of our stuff. It also has a message.

Top gig you’ve ever been too?

Tyler: RHCP when I saw them in Cape Town

D: Alter Bridge, Royal Albert Hall

T: Periphery, Norwich

S: Nothing More, Camden

P: Dance Gavin Dance, London

If you could recommend any local bands, who would you recommend?

Tyler: Versa. Blood Rush hands down.

T: Pretty much two of the sickest bands around at the moment.

P: Kaima, they are just starting, she has a wonderful band. She is going to go far.

If you had to pick a tattoo for each other, what would you pick?

Tyler picking for Thomas:  The dystopia artwork because he’s always wanted it.

Tom picking for Sam: A lasagna, or a pizza with extra olives and extra garlic.

Sam picking for Dani: I’d have to SteveO you. Your face on your back.

Dani picking for Pablo: I was thinking of a very dirty thing. Like a guitar that has 12 penises as the neck. Na, a flame from the sun, that we had with our previous band.

Pablo picking for Tyler: I’d pick the tattoo artist who did my tattoo. She does like super weird but cute with a lot of message. I would put maybe a fox.

At this point Pablo spilt a beer over Dani. Apparently this is a running issue he has.

Last question, if you had to be a Disney character who would you be?

Tyler: Tarzan for me or Mulan

T: Simba, he’s fucking cool. I wanna be a fucking cat.

S: Who is that crab thing? Sebastian?

Under the sea is sung very loudly at this point 

D: Hercules, that was one of my favourites

P: BayMax, from Big Hero 6.

You can find them on Instagram here, Facebook here and Spotify here!

Well I am straight up a brand new fan of Tirade.
Starting the set with the guitarist free roaming around the venue was a nice touch. I do love me a free roaming guitarist.
Lead singer hit me straight with his vocals. He’s clearly incredibly talented. There is no denying that at all. I would pay my hard earned cash to hear that voice live again.
Even though there was a small crowd, they played like it was a stadium of 1,000s. All the passion and vigour of a huge stage. They deserved so many more people in that audience.
The moment I walked out the venue they were popped on my playlists. They are just what I want and need after a long day at work.
Tirade is another one I want to see again, so drop me your dates boys. I’d love to review you guys and do an interview if you got some time for the little old music blogger.
You can find them on Instagram here, Facebook here and Twitter here!



Stable Youth 
I’m utterly gutted I missed a large amount of their set due to interviewing Gatvol.
However from what I heard, these guys are talented. You can tell they enjoy playing together, being together on stage together.
Their music resinated with me, even though I only caught a couple of songs. There is talent there, I can see it. I wanted to see more of them. I wanted to get invested, throw myself into their music and be in the moment with their sound.
The lead singer is an utter delight to speak with and I had a lovely moment with him after the set trying to explain I’d write about them but neither of us could hear each other over Tirade. He also had solid chat on stage.
Stable Youth, drop me a DM. I would love to see you separately and review an entire set.
You can find them on Instagram here, Facebook here and Twitter here!

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