ELTEL EP release and EP review

Welcome back.

Today I am going to talk about the wonderful angels over in ELTEL. They hooked me up with a cheeky pre release of their highly anticipated album and I went and checked them out at one of their three EP launches. So you’re getting an EP review and a live review! Aren’t you lucky!

You can check them out on my new Spotify playlist here. Also very excitingly I launched a Facebook page for this little blog, go give me a like by searching Kiss of Beths.

So let’s start with the live review. I found myself on a Sunday night at The Lamb in Surbiton. What a pub this is. It feel’s like the quirky front room that everyone needs. They also have a pub cat and I think I love it. Honestly, if this cat could of fit in my bag I would have taken this beautiful kitty home with me.

So let’s actually talk about ELTEL, I can’t fault these guys.

I suggest everyone see’s them live. They are insanely good. Stood in the back of The Lamb it was clear that this is one incredibly supported band. This isn’t a shock; as, from their personalities, to their music, they slay the game.

I would throw some serious money to see these guys live. They excite me as a band. Their stage presence is unmatched. Honestly, their live shows are such a joy to be at. Quirky and wonderful in both their music and their look, I throughly enjoy being around and listening to these angels.

Mark the lead singer is just fabulous. His silver shirt had me googling where I could get one myself. Your eyes can’t help but be drawn to this highly entertaining human. I could sit and listen to him sing and talk for hours and hours, happily. Plus I need to know where that blue eyeshadow is from, because honey that slayed. I need it. Mark has got this utterly insane voice and I’m fucking here for it.

I for one hate forced audience participation. However, I will jump, jig, sing and do whatever these guys need. I will 100% just get involved with this band. I will clap. I would clap for this band. They make my cold, dark heart feel something. Which doesn’t happen regularly. I honestly love them.

Considering this is the polar opposite of what I would usually listen too, I can’t get enough of these guys. They just work. They work so well. It’s really no shock they are so popular.

I lived for the moment where the entire gig turned to face one side of the room to sing no, no, no to the people who were chatting away. This was during a Rehab cover so it just made it work so well.

ELTEL covered Female Of The Species again and I honestly lived.  I could listen to this cover on repeat. Do I prefer this to the original… you know what I think I do.

All in all, I suggest you all check out ELTEL, 10/10 you will not regret. You can check them out on Facebook here, Instagram here and Spotify here.


Now for their EP.

Their self titled EP consists of 10 tracks, which I personally think isn’t enough. I adore ELTEL and I adore this EP. You can check it out here.

So these are the tracks

  • Pretty Pie
  • You Have To First 
  • Hold Your Gun
  • Fall In Green
  • Things
  • Flutterby 
  • Relativity 
  • Bleeders
  • Simon The Piper 
  • Pimlico 


You would think that there would be a weak track right? There isn’t. Not even close. These guys smash it out the park with ever note, beat and word. I don’t think I can fault this EP.

I don’t know how to describe ELTEL’s style of music. I don’t think I have the words apart from fabulous, confusing, wonderful and insane.

My personal highlight is the song Flutterby. It’s one of the first songs I heard from this band and the one that sticks with me. It’s on every one of my playlists and I can sing along happily. I don’t do it justice because we all know singing isn’t my talent.

The other stand out for me being Bleeders. This song is an utter bop. I feel like it encompasses my whole mood as a person. I have to agree with the line Bleeders are the problem they are getting in the way, so valid.

I don’t want to give everything away, because I want you to listen to it. I want you to take it in. I want you to realise how much of a banger this is. This should be on everyone’s regularly played list.

It’s now live on pretty much all streaming services and such. Do yourselves a favour and go check it out. You wont regret it pals.

If I gave stars for EP’s this would get a solid five stars from me. Image result for 5 stars




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