Tirade review and interview at The Joiners, Southampton

Welcome back,

Today I’m covering the delightful Tirade, their live performance at the Joiners and a cheeky little interview with the boys.

So let me start by babbling about The Joiners and how much I love this place. If you live in Guildford you know that The Star is where every band starts their musical career. A legendary place that every band wants to tread the boards of. The Joiners is the same for the folk of Southampton.

This will forever be one of my favourite venues of the south. One of those effortlessly cool places that you can’t help but want to be in. They have always been one of my top venues to hit up, housing some of the coolest bands over the years that have shaped my musical mind.

Check them out on their website here, Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here.  Get down to this venue, because nothing beats live music in an insane place. If you can’t get down to this venue, get down to your local music place and support your local scene.

Now let’s get down to the live review of the wonderful Tirade.

It’s honestly no wonder I came back to see these boys again. They are incredibly talented. I was stood there, reminded of Say Anything and I was beyond here for it. Also large shout out to Stevo (the drummer) and his Astroid Boys jumper, I’m always down for someone who knows these guys. Not enough people know them.

Lead singer Jake once again is impeccable on the vocals. It’s no surprise I’ve had these guys on repeat since I first heard them. Jakes vocal ranges cuts through you like a knife, in a good way. As if you were being shanked with a talent knife. Not only a talented singer but incredibly charming and sweet onstage, it’s no wonder he’s such a hit.

Drummer Stevo has possibly the happiest drum face I think I’ve ever seen. There is me on a drum kit looking like I’m having the worst day and I don’t want to be there; then there is Stevo. Stevo honestly looks like all his Christmas dreams just came true and it’s honestly such a joy to watch.

I also really love the fact I met their mums, who showed up for this show. So shout out to the Tirade mums, y’all supportive and we love that. We stan a supportive family.

This band really did leave a lasting impression on me. If I was 16, I’d be front and centre on the barrier; wearing all their merch and crying with each song played. Instead I am 27, hiding at the back where there is some light so I can scribble nice things in my notepad. Next time, I’m going to be upfront and fan girling without my notepad. Maybe.

Image result for fan girl gif

These guys are effortlessly cool and I begged for more from their short and sweet set. I could honestly listen to them for hours on end live. It’s clear each of these guys are incredibly talented and born to perform.

There was a point where I was reminded of the Holy Diver cover by Killswitch Engage. Honestly boys if you want to cover this that too that would make me so happy. Cover it just for this blogger, many thanks.


Now let’s move on to the interview 

I’m in bold, because I am bold af.

The boys are below, with their socials because you’re gunna wanna stalk them

Jake Tilley – Vocals/Bass (J)

Josh Pearl – Guitar (JP)

Alex Young – Guitar (A)

Stevo Somerset – Drums (S)

SO how did you start, what’s your whole thing? How did you become a band? All that kinda shite…

J- We all met in uni, I met Josh at college so we already knew each other. From different projects but we all came together… without Stevo, but we managed to wrangle him over time. So we were primarily a uni based band… we recorded our first ever EP there.

JP – Mixed by me

J – Mixed by Josh, but that’s gone now and no-one will ever find it. We went from there pretty much.

So what is something you hope your fans take from your music? Whats your message?

J – I never really thought of it as taking a message so much but as identify with people. There’s a big surge of bands and artists kind of playing off the depressive side of things these days. I don’t like being too obvious with that. Our last EP was very much about being angry with the situation your in but being like fuck that anyway, because we are doing what we are doing and we like that. Now the newer stuff, we try not to dwell too much on the sad because it’s a very done thing at the moment. We try and be identifiable in a way that isn’t too cliché.

Biggest influences?

S – Lower than Atlantis, Don Broco

JP – You’ve said my ones… Periphery

A – Stevo and I listen to more metal

S – I listen to a lot of Enter Shikari, some how Jake has Enter Shikari influences without listening to a lot of Enter Shikari.

J -Panic! at the disco, Fall Out Boy

I also learnt at this point that Stevo was in a marching band 

Top 2 gigs you’ve ever been too?

A – The first time I saw AC DC, I almost cried. That was my thing. LTA did a tour of smaller venues, I saw them in South End,  it was like 200 cap. I was so drunk, I almost cried.

S – We all went to see Don Broco and Neck Deep. It was the first time I’d seen bands like that properly because I’d always been to metal shows and I was just gone for the entire time. No-one knew where I was because I was just running around. I went to see Enter Shikari in Dublin, it was the first time I met them. Nearly cried.

JP – I’m going to join in on the Neck Deep / Don Broco because that was amazing. VUKOVI, they played Star and Garter, which is a really small venue in Manchester. It sold out. We were jumping off the stage, crowd surfing.

A – I threw Josh off the stage at one point. He was trying to jump on the drop, like a beat before I kicked him and I jumped on the beat.

J – Chunk! No Captain Chunk! They aren’t a thing at the moment but they played a show in Manchester and it was phenomenal. I won the Scuzz TV comp with a couple of bands, Max Raptor who I wasn’t actually that into when I went there. Turned out to be my favourite band of the night. They put on an amazing show.

What is your plan for 2019? What have you got coming up?  

J – Many things.

A- We have an EP to come out… another video… we have a single planned on the way. Other than that more writing… We do have a special cover coming out…

(I wasn’t allowed to publish what the cover is, but they told me and I’m excited)

J – Beyond that we have tours coming up. This is the year for doing more stuff than we have time for.

If you could be any Disney Character who would you be and why?

A – Aladdin, I want that carpet man


JP – Sleeping Beauty because napping

S – Merlin from Sword and the Stone because he’s fantastic or the old guy from UP because we are pretty much the same person. I reckon I’m the old guy from UP, just wanna live on my own then fly away.

J – Doug from UP.. couz that boy is always happy even when he’s not.


If you had to pick tattoos for each other… what would you pick? 

Jake picking for Stevo: Alex and Stevo can become quite physical so maybe Alex’s face on his butt cheek… maybe Stevo’s on Alex’s… then you can connect like Tenacious D.

Stevo picking for Josh: Josh loves games. I’d get on his back Tirade Rainbow Six leader board. It would say Ste – Jake – Al and then list many people we don’t even know and Josh would be at the bottom. It would start on the shoulder and end on his ankle with his name.

Josh picking for Alex:  It would be like Jake’s mum with a heart.

Alex picking for Jake: For Jake, it would be I love Panic! of the Disco with the Fall Out Boy singer behind it. Couz I always mix them up.


Well I feel like hot mum’s is a thing with you guys… so who has the hottest mum?


Pretty much everyone but J: Gotta be Jake’s mum…

J: There you go mum. Happy to hear that…


If you had to recommend any bands?

S – Donnie Willow


S – They are so good

JP – VUKOVI, they could do with more attention they are sick.

A – Best of Enemies, they are from London – they are very up and coming and very good song writing.

J – Blank Atlas, from Bristol. They are sick. They are quiet off stage but they make  some noise on stage. Actually check them out because they are really good.

I personally 100% agree with VUKOVI, they are an insane band and everyone should check them out. The amount of times I have sung along (badly) to La Di Da in my car is a joke. 

Thanks boys. You were a delight. Now to look up Jake’s mum.

You can find them on Instagram here, Facebook here and Twitter here! They are also on my new shiny playlist which has all the bands I review. You can find that here.


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