Why do I cover so much music?

Welcome back home slices,

Recently you might have noticed that I have been writing more and more music pieces. I bet you’re wondering why! Even if you’re not I’m going to tell you, because you clicked on here… so you must be at least a little interested right?

So here we go. I write about music so often because I feel that the south of England is incredibly under represented when it comes to music writing. I could be wrong but that’s just my opinion.

You regularly see pieces about the music scene in London or the huge venues in the south but never the smaller venues. The venues where those huge bands started out.

I want to give the smaller venues, promoters and bands a platform. I don’t claim to be anything close to NME. I’m not Kerrang. I am however, honest. I will write an honest review when I see them live and that’s what I am all about. I don’t write reviews just to get reads. I write about music because it’s my passion. I honestly love being at gigs and the way the music makes me feel. I just want to share that with the world.

I’ve been incredibly lucky with this little old blog. It’s less than a year old and I get to work with some incredible venues. For example the Fiery Bird in Woking. A venue that took a complete chance on me as a writer. I love working with new venues, I love returning to venues and I love exploring the things these venues put on. I’m honestly so grateful for the venues that I am currently working with and the venues I am planning on working with in the up coming months.

Let’s not get it twisted, there has been a few times I’ve thought about quitting. I’m never at home, 90% of my money goes on traveling to gigs and paying for tickets. I’m constantly busy as I am either at gigs or writing about gigs.

You know what makes the time and money spent worth it? The response I get from the bands I write about. It touches my heart every time. It keeps me doing what I am doing. The fact that my review on my little old blog has made someones day, it’s just such a lovely thing. The bands that I write about hold my words in such regard. I honestly will never, ever understand why. I’m not shy to admit that the comments I get back have made me cry because I didn’t realise how much my words could mean to people.

While I have you here, I want to take time to thank those artists who have trusted me enough to cover their EP launches or sent me their music to write about prior to their release. It humbles me that, as artists, you picked me to review your blood, sweat and tears. You gave me your passion and love in musical form and let me review and write about it.

At this point I have to thank a couple of bands/artists in particular who honestly have pushed me as a writer and who believe in me. The musical heroes who trust me enough, and more than once, to write about them, their live music and their recorded stuff. Are we ready for some soppiness?

Let’s start with the most wonderful Fred Irwin. This poor soul has had to deal with me writing about him on the regular. It’s not surprising when he’s just so talented and lovely to boot. Prior to his EP release Fred even gave me an insane little exclusive I could put in the write up. I honestly don’t think I have enough kind words to say about this incredibly talented artist. I will review Fred until my fingers no longer work and my Macbook has long since died. You can read the pieces I’ve written about Fred herehere, here, here and the first time I ever reviewed him – here.

The Rattlebacks. Now what can I say about these rock n roll arch angels. These guys, they support me incredibly. For a band I only met a short time ago,  they have gone from simply a band I was planning to review to some of the closest friends I have the pleasure of having in my life. Some of the worst influences but most caring people, they deal with my mental health wobbles. They set me back on track when I don’t think I can do it. They believe in me, they believe in my blog and they believe in the way I support local music. They drag me to gigs, introduce me to new bands and people. I’m honestly so grateful for these little whirlwinds entering my life and the support they give me. You can check out the pieces I’ve written about them here and here. Check out their new EP on Spotify because you wont regret it.

The next thing I have to do is talk about Southsea Rocks. These guys took a massive chance on me as a writer. They have me as their main blogger and I cover their music events on the first Saturday of every month at the Golden Eagle in Southsea. Check them out on Facebook here. Without their promoter Dan, I wouldn’t have had the chance to work with these guys. I will forever be thankful to him.

So I guess I should wrap this up. I will continue to do this music blogging shit for as long as I still feel passionate about music. I will continue to do this as long as there are new up and coming bands for me to write about. Doing this blog has given me a chance to meet new people, make new friends and introduce the people in my life to new music and bands I know they will love.

So yes, I’ll end now. Last thing. I have launched a playlist for the blog. I know, exciting right! Every band I review ends up on there because hey, they are good or I wouldn’t review them. This will get updated with every new band I write about. Anyway – check it out here, follow it and stuff! Thank you to everyone who reads and shares my musical writing. It really really means the world

On the playlist so far:  Jamie Larbalestier, Fred Irwin, Will Perdue, Dave Mcpherson, The Stanny Dares, Andy Ruddy, Martha Paton, The Thermic Syphons, Flying Machines, Juno, Fuzzwalker, Solve The Nodus, Scott Freeman, Icarus Falls, ARY, The Rattlebacks, Jaz Connell, Evert Outen, ELTEL, Lock ‘N’ Throw, Gatvol, Tirade, Stable Youth and Electric Milk. 


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