Hellfire Club, live review – Brighton

Welcome back home slices,

I found myself, one Sunday evening, half cut… in the Hope and Ruin in Brighton; ready to watch a band that has come so highly recommended to me.

So here I am writing about Hellfire Club. A band that I’ve heard so much about however hadn’t listened too prior. This may be a short and sweet blog but trust me – I don’t need to write mountains about these guys.

Straight up, I was floored by lead singer Frankie’s voice. Incredible, insane and powerful would be three words I would use to describe this talented human. Even though Frankie seemed somewhat shy off stage, the confidence with a mic and bass shone through. What an utter joy to watch and listen too. I was almost begging for more.

Guitarist Dan commanded the stage with effortless ease. Clearly enjoying what he does and that is completely understandable when you’re that talented with a guitar. He gave me that dirty rock and roll vibe. The kind you get from people who belong on stage. He was undeniably cool, the kind of person you’d drink a bottle of jack on Brighton beach with and go get into trouble.

But straight up you know I’m going in on drummer Andy. She about to spill that tea. THIS MAN IS TALENTED. Honestly, eyes hooked. I haven’t seen talent like that in such a long time. I was honestly blown away by how easy he made it look. I always keep my eye on the drummer, it’s my thing. It was refreshing to see someone slay it so easily.

The guys have obvious talent and will certainly be another band I keep my eye on and follow on this little old blog. These guys are what rock and roll is supposed to look like, when I imagine rock and roll, this is what I see. I see Hellfire Club.

I was utterly gutted their set wasn’t longer. I adore their energy and their vibe. If you can get down to their show, do it. You wont regret it. This is certainly a band I’ll be putting my time into following and reviewing again.

You can check them out on Facebook here, Twitter here, Instagram here and Sound Cloud here


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