Bloodhounds + support in Basingstoke

Welcome back home slices,

Today is a review on my darling boys in the Bloodhounds and their wonderful support acts at QMC, Basingstoke.

This was a special gig for me as this marked the one year anniversary of the first time I really started writing about music and reviewing gigs. What made this even more special? It was in the same venue and two of the same artists were on the bill.

So let’s start by giving out a shout out to the wonderful Will Purdue and the beyond phenomenal Fred Irwin. These guys have been around since the start of Kiss of Beth’s and I’m honoured to be able to review them over and over, but I am more proud and happy to call them personal friends too. Kiss of Beth’s wouldn’t be half of what it is without their support.

So let’s get into the review!

Hackwood Road

Walking into the venue, the first thing I heard coming from the stage was a Royal Republic cover. Now I’m beyond here for Royal Republic and this instantly had me routing for this band. Anyone who is brave enough to cover Royal Republic has my backing.

Then we were hit with a Foo Fighters, My Hero cover. When I say, this is a song that I will judge harshly because of what it means to me, I mean it. I sat that panicking begging they didn’t ruin it, but I didn’t have to worry. This tiny female musical goddess has a hella set of pipes on her.

The only thing I wanted to see from this baby band was more chat, when I’m at a gig I want to know you. Give me some shit, give me some chat and let me know who you are hons.

Now I like what this band has going on, I’m desperate to hear some originals from them. I want to see what they can do. They will be a band I’ll be keeping my eye on as they grow.

You can check out their socials here, here and here.

Fred Irwin

I don’t know how many time I can write about how much I love Fred and everything he does, but one more time can’t hurt can it?

Once again Fred didn’t let me down. Unsurprising really, he hasn’t in the past year so why would he now?

This singer song writer is such a powerhouse in this genre. As much as he underestimates himself, I see his talent and passion. I will happily and have happily listened to Fred on repeat all day.

There’s something about seeing Fred live that you just can’t beat. From his witty banter to the way he performs; he is an all round delight.

If you can only go to a show or a few live shows around you, I 100% will always recommend Fred. Get yourself to a show because you won’t regret it.

Here’s a bonus photo of me shouting OMG IT’S FRED IRWIN at the the lovely Fred.

You can check out his socials here, here and here. His Spotify here and his website here.



Will Purdue

I’m going to say it. I’m going to publicly admit it right here. I love Will. There. I said it first. Love you Will. I think we are meant to get married now.

Another musical powerhouse, it was a delight to finally see Will with a full band. It totally worked for me. A new sound from what I am used to from the country boy.

Will is an incredibly talented artist. I’ve thought this since I first saw him a year ago. Will has been a constant in my music since last year. He has a song for every mood and I can’t help but put him on.

I’m excited for any release he puts out and I will forever support him on Kiss of Beth’s. He’s another person that if you can make it to a live show, I throughly recommend you do.

Here’s a bonus photo I took of the wonderful Will… because we are yet to get a selfie.

You can check out his socials here, here and here. His Spotify here and his website here.

Delayed Departure

The wild card of the evening. I’d heard something’s about this band prior to seeing them. They could of been shit, they could of been great.

Lucky the exceeded expectation on a major level. I was blown away by just how good they were. Honestly, they have gained a far from the performance they put on. I wasn’t just impressed, I was pleasantly surprised.

Giving me that pop punk vibe I live for, my 16 year old emo kid was straight up screaming for more.

There is clearly some incredible talent in this band and they all complimented each other. From the vocals, the bass, all the way over to the drums it all worked for me.

Now imma bring up the drum. Ok boo, you’re talented as fuck and I’m here for it. Teach me your ways sir. Please I beg.

Now for the singer, that cocky arrogance that I could see from the second he walked on stage could of been his downfall. It wasn’t. It worked and I was hooked from the second he opened his fucking mouth.

These guys will feature here on Kiss of Beth’s. I have no doubt about that.

You can check out their socials here, here and here. Spotify here and their website here.



I don’t think I could write a bad thing about these boys if I tried.

Their talent is immense and matched by only one other rock and roll band. They are reviving the scene.

I see big things in their future. They have the sound and the passion to go all the way. I see it for them. I really do. I want them to succeed, I pray for them to succeed and I beg for this to happen for them.

I always enjoy their gigs. They don’t need gimmicks because their raw sound is enough to knock anyone back and turn them into a loyal Bloodhound fan. I know I am.

Not only incredible artists, they are some of the nicest humans I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Then there is James, who’s wit will cut you down within seconds and kill you laughing. I’m lucky to call these boys friends of the blog. Incredibly lucky.

I’m ready to start the cult of Bloodhounds. I’m ready to pray to my lord Joey and sacrifice mediocre bands in the name of these guys. If you want to join the cult too, drop me a message, we will get some Bloodhounds robes.

They also have some incredible shirts. You can see me modelling one below. Do it, some of the comfiest shit I own. You can buy one here.


You can check out their socials here, here and here. Spotify here and their website here.

As always these guys have been added to the Kiss of Beth’s reviewed playlist which you can check out here. As long as their on Spotify!

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